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Throw the Jews

English comic Sacha Cohen, better known as his alter ego Ali G. (the rapper) and Borat (the journalist from Khazakstan) presents this piece whereby Borat goes into an American Country and Western bar and starts singing this awful song (lyrics above). What is remarkable is how eagerly the patrons sing along. Watch the video and read the lyrics by clicking here.

You can watch Da Ali G. Show every sunday at 10:30 on HBO. This site contains various video clips and an Ali G. translator.

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  • Are you sure the audience wasn’t in on it? This looks too horrible to be true.

  • Well… That’s not really Ali G’s style, you know? I’ve been following him for 2 years now and he wouldn’t be funny if his skits were pre-arranged. I mean, it would be a relief if it was indeed staged, but that feeling I have at the pit of my stomach tells me it wasn’t.

  • Tip of the hat to Jewschool

    Man, I say, screw Jewschool. Remember when you covered the same Brittney tattoo thing as Jewschool? Those guys got all “Oh, he ripped us off!” Screw Jewschool. Your shit is better anyway.

  • Wow. That’s some memory you got there. And I don’t even know who you are! But, you know, protocol dictates that if you saw an article on another blog, you tip your hat off to them. Even if we tend to be a bit more verbose than Jewschool, it was their call first. It’s the polite thing to do. And Jewlicious is, if anything, polite. Usually.