Kosher OlympicsNo that’s not what I’m talking about. I was talking about the new kosher restaurant that just opened in Athens, in time for the 2004 Summer Olympics. Rabbi Mendel Hendel (no joke), one of the operators of Kol Tuv (s’all good) is also the local Chabad Rabbi. The sit down restaurant feautures salads, appetizers, barbecue and daily features, as well as bagels, pita sandwiches and desserts.

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  • I’d prefer a nice MLT. Mutton, Lettuce and Tomato.
    Wthen the mutton is NICE and LEAN, and the tomato
    is ripe….they’re so perky. I love that.

  • I met the Chabad greek rabbi once- nice guy. He randomly asked me to take a picture of him with my digicam and gave me his card to email it to him. pic here: here

  • Dave: You’re just still on that post-tisha b’av meat riff… though mutton… mmmmm….

    Mike: You actually met Rabbi Mendel Hendel? Dang. How cool was that?? His restaurant sounds yummy and even though Athens is an armpit, I am now tempted to go back just for the novelty of sitting down and having a full-pop kosher meal amongst the greeks…