Cohen as BoratThe Forward reports on the fallout after the airing of the “Throw the Jews down the well” video on the Ali G. show on HBO.

Sandy, the manager of the Country West, the bar where the “disturbing” performance took place stated “The only thing we were told was that he was from Kaka-kaka-stan or something … We don’t know anything about those people.”

Carol Pierce, the treasurer of the company that owns the bar and apparently a Jewess, believed that it was clear the whole thing was a joke: “You could tell by the way they presented him. They brought him in and said he was an up-and-coming country music star … You could tell right away it was a wig he was wearing, and a fake mustache. I would say 99% of the people in here saw that, too.” According to Forward, Pierce could be seen in the video “laughing heartily behind her goateed husband.”

Of course Abraham Foxman, the highly paid national director of the Anti-Defamation League had to weigh in on all of this in a letter to Sasha Baron Cohen, aka Ali G, aka Borat, in which he wrote:

While we understand this scene was an attempt to show how easily a group of ordinary people can be encouraged to join in an antisemitic chorus … we are concerned that the irony may have been lost on some of your audience — or worse, that some of your viewers may have simply accepted Borat’s statement about Jews at face value.

Shrill-O-Ramma! Man, it’s a comedy show!! I know Foxman’s got to earn his keep and all, but some days there are some specific Jews I sometimes fantasize about throwing down a well …

In my people there is problem
And that problem is Jewish bureaucrat
he take everybody’s money
and he say stupid things.
Throw Foxman down the well
So my people can be free
Throw Foxman down the well
And we’ll have a big party!

KIDDING! We love you Abe! yous is a wicked geeza and we totally appreciate all da ard wurk yous is doin on behalf of da jewish community. yous ave a difficult job and your services is a bargain at double da price! (courtesy of the Ali G translator)

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  • Maybe the well is big enough for foxman AND dershowitz?

  • The song is about overfed Jewish bureaucrats, not self-important, pompous, plagiarizing lawyers. And it was sarcastic. I am certain there’s a special place uniquely suited for Dershowitz. Suggestions?

    KIDDING! We love you Allan! yous is a wicked lawya, champion of justice and defenda of israel. yous is doin a wicked job and so wot if yous is son married a shiksa?

  • Why is it ALWAYS about Dershowitz?? Everywhere I go, everything I do… there’s Dershowitz. Man ….

  • That is ridiculous!
    Any viewers who would take Borat’s song at face value must be seriously stupid. Ali G is hysterical. The ADL needs to chill out…

  • Dershowitz is scum, innit(boyakasha). The biggest anti-semitic organisation is the ADL, they hate freedom of speech and are trying to steal citizens rights by using anti-semitism for anything and everything, if you do not agree with the ADL you’re a terrorist. They love the UN who loves Nazis. Look
    oh yeah head of UN from 1972-81. How come the ADL isn’t up in arms about this? Isn’t being a Nazi anti-semitic!?! Oh oh but people didn’t know he was a Nazi, and he’s Arnie’s best buddy (the future president of America, you’d better believe it). People thought the Nazis were finished back in WWII but no that isn’t true. What was that about Ali G?