One thing i both love and hate about us Jews is our propensity, bordering on obsession, to be self-effacing and existentially aware of ourselves. I love the fact that we have different voices, even when I want to strangle a few a few of the ‘pundits’ and over-zealous peace activists (we all want peace, people, it’s simply a matter of how, no one is angrily marching around with signs that say “Peace Later!”).

But on the other side, it’s very difficult to find a Palestinian Noam Chomsky. Unfortunately, the Arab public often seems like one hovering mass, nodding their heads in agreement or silence to the hateful voices on top.

But I want to give credit when credit is due

While certain Arabs obviously blame us (yes, I’m looking at you, professor Abdullah) for the Beslan attack, September 11, and any time a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon causing a hurricane off the coast of Madagascar, Others are surprising me saying stuff like this one by Iraqi journalist Aziz Al-Hajj:

“The Arabs and the Muslims today contribute nothing to civilization and progress except for blood, severed heads, scorched bodies, and the abduction and murder of children. The Jihad for religion and Arab chivalry have turned into the art of exploding, booby-trapping, and spilling blood. What an innovation and what a social contribution the Arabs have made in the 21st century!!”

Hey, he said it.

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  • Hey, the blame game is an old sport and Jews have always been great targets for doing so. Sometimes when I read about the arabic press (to bad I can’t read any of it) it sounds mostly like low level idiotic writing … but most mass publications work that way. Look at the SUN in the UK oder BILD in Germany – both very idiotic papers …