coachBlogs are cool. Some provide interesting and unique perspectives on daily events and others offer a window into the inner world of the blogger, and others offer both and more. Jewish blogs are no different of course. After having checked out a number of them for a while, I noticed a recurring theme in some – it seems that a few Jewish bloggers have certain relationship issues. I then thought, given my strong sense of empathy, “How can I help?” So here’s what I did. I know this woman, her name is Janice and she is a Relationship Coach. She’s a pretty good one too – in a profession that has no barrier to
entry, she is a licensed clinical psychologist with a PhD and 19 years of experience. Her words of wisdom have been heard far and wide and will be appearing this month and next in Cosmo. Anyhow, I pointed Janice to some of these lovelorn bloggers and I suggested she “coach” them on the basis of what they’ve revealed in their blogs. Below is her first effort – offering unsolicited love coaching to Luke Ford, blogger extraordinaire of Protocols and lukefordseeksawife. Look I figure my basketball and football coaches made me a better player, so why not try a love coach? Anyhow, here’s what Love Coach Janice had to say (unedited) …

Luke Ford — I read his protocols and lukefordseeksawife blogs, as well as parts of his memoir on (the only thing “kosher” enough for me to actually read, although it really wasn’t): These were my impressions:

Does Luke Ford have any idea how narcissistic he is? I don’t think so, and that’s why he isn’t married. He has absolutely no awareness of how his words could be received by women, let alone how his actions affect them, even when women tell him directly.

I can’t tell if he’s actually going out on dates. But he sure talks a lot about what HE wants and what HE thinks about women, relationships, religion, whining and (of course) sex. B – o- r- i- n- g ! ! !

The main question I have is this — What does Luke Ford actually have to offer a woman in a relationship?? What can he contribute to make his marriage more than just gratifying Luke Ford? At this point, the only women who I think would be interested in him would just want to latch onto his “celebrity.”

I think that in order for Luke to recoup his investment on his Web hosting efforts, is if he describes how he’s ACTUALLY BEHAVING on his dates. Instead, all he does is talk and talk and talk about what he’d LIKE to do on his dates. Only by posting how he behaves, and what transpires (like many women bloggers have), during a date will he get the help he needs to achieve his goal of a kosher wife and marriage.

Once he does, then I can coach him to get closer to his personal gan eden.

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