My friend Tzvi reported the first Madonna sighting of the Holiday season. Just after midnight last night he was stepping out of the home of an actual kabbalist in the old city when he saw a man and woman walking down Rehov Shonei Halachot. The woman, dressed in layered, flowy, Israeli-hippy style dress, was clearly recognized as the Material-turned-Spiritual Girl herself as she passed him by. The man seemed to be a body guard. They were, we think, on the way to the Kotel to pray.

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  • I wish that she would just make up her mind. Be one of us or leave our traditions alone. It is not some fad.

  • Move to a nice settlement in the territories, Madonna; don’t forget to give ALL your money to the Rav. And please leave that sinful acting and singing career. Forever. Thanks.

    A Real Jew Who Likes Good Music And Hates MTV

  • I just wonder how deep Madonna is into Yoga, since she has been doing as well for soem time. Or is there some bridge between the Kabala and Hinduism I have missed? Is there such a thing as a jewish chakra? Tantric Rabbies?

  • Weren’t you NOT going to post anything related to Madonna anymore, ck? I thought you were a man of your, ahem, word.

  • moose613, a very cool one who doesn’t do it for the celebrity factor and therefore likes to remain more or less anonymous so he can concentrate on stuff like meditating on the names of God rather than looking pretty for the cameras.
    orangeguru-mystical Judaism actually has more similarities with Buddhism than Hinduism, but essentially yes. Bringing the two back together is starting to happen on the ground, not in the news. and yes, there are “jewish chakras” they are called sfirot.
    skylar-i posted this one, ck’s still clean.

  • This is very interesting, if true.
    I tried to interest several Israeli news sites about it and I suspect Smadar who wished to contact you is an Israeli journalist.
    Keep us posted if so.

    Oh and great blog by the way, discovered it only today.

  • Well Gil – laya and her chevre are usually pretty reliable. But as far as confirmations go, it’ll have to wait because it is now shabbat in Israel (not yet here on the east coast) and jewlicious don’t roll on shabbos. But yeah, we’ll keep you up to date on the details and stuff or any other sightings I guess. Well, laya will. I don’t post on Madonna & co’s kabbalah related shenanigans any more. Maspik li, no what I mean? Glad you enjoy the blog!

  • Have mercy on our server! Thanks for the hits and all – but we’re also getting whacked from defamer – this is funny. Why are people so obssessed with Madonna??

  • Please..I don’t understand all this Kabalah stuff in light of what the study of Kabalah historically means. And Madonna? Last I heard she was still non-Jewish!

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  • I don’t think it’s true at all. There was a big fanfare just the other day about her plane touching down here. Do you really think she would’ve snuck into the country and -then- stage a ‘spectacular’ arrival?

  • Still makes sense to me– if she truly is on some sort of spiritual journey, why wouldnt she come a few days before her ‘official’ arrival to experience things before the fanfare and paparazzi?

  • I think she was in Holland finishing off her tour on the day in question. But who REALLY knows, huh? Especially when dealing with these mysterious kabbalists ….

  • I heard she’s trying out new shaitel’s (wigs) not made in India recently as she is considering covering her hair too!

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