Who's yo daddy?LukeFord of Protocols linked to an article in Forward, where Sheldon Teitelbaum writes about the not so hidden agenda at the recent Professional Leader’s Project conference held recently in LA:

There was that declaration by one of the billionaire backers, Michael Steinhardt, that if the participants preferred to pair off and head for their rooms — to rectify American Jews’ lamentable failure, in his eyes, to replenish their numbers — he, for one, would not stop them, nor consider his money ill-spent. “Take phone numbers,” he said. “Flirt, meet, breed, do whatever is necessary, and know that what you are doing is for the right reason.”

At a poolside cocktail party later that evening, Steinhardt shuttled furiously between the parties, trying to generate some reproductive heat, looking like a cross between Captain Kangaroo and Yenta the Matchmaker … People in their 20s, most organizations assume, do not have the wherewithal to become significant donors. And if they can’t give, what, besides procreating, are they really good for?

Uh huh. So from now on, we will refer to Michael Steinhardt as Michael White Velvet Steinhardt, or Michael Pimp Daddy Steinhardt. If you have a better suggestion, or a preference, please let us know in the comments section. Given that Steinhardt is a huge Jewish Philanthropist (Shutup. We were talking about his generosity) involved in such things as birthright israel etc., he will in all likelihood reappear here often. So please, let us know how you’d like to see him referred to.

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  • Errr…please don’t sully SRV’s good name by suggesting he’d wear anything like that monstrosity…

  • Lets see, pimps dont want girls knocked up. But who advocates sleeping around outside of marriage? Who advocates shacking up for the Jewish people? It is none other than Michael _Love Shack_ Steinhardt

  • Over 45% of the women said they had used contraceptive pills at least once, while 19% of those aged 21 to 50 were using them now; Jewish women were 4.7 times more likely to use the Pill than Arab women, and Arab women started using the contraceptive at a later age (average 27) than Jewish women (22). Only 8.3% of women over 45 were receiving hormone replacement therapy.