FreeMuslims.org announces: We are so Sorry for 9-11

…we will no longer wait for our religious leaders and “intellectuals” to do the right thing. Instead, we will start by apologizing for 9-11. We are so sorry that 3000 people were murdered in our name. We will never forget the sight of people jumping from two of the highest buildings in the world hoping against hope that if they moved their arms fast enough that they may fly and survive a certain death from burning. We are sorry for blaming 9-11 on a Jewish or right wing conspiracy. We are so sorry for the murder of more than three hundred school children and adults in Russia. We are so sorry for the murder of train passengers in Spain. We are so sorry for all the victims of suicide bombings. We are so sorry for the beheadings, abductions, rapes, violent Jihad and all the atrocities committed by Muslims around the world. We are so sorry for a religious education that raised killers rather than train people to do good in the world. We are sorry that we did not take the time to teach our children tolerance and respect for other people. We are so sorry for not rising up against the dictators who have ruled the Muslim world for decades. We are so sorry for allowing corruption to spread so fast and so deep in the Muslim world that many of our youth lost hope. We are so sorry for allowing our religious leaders to relegate women to the status of forth class citizens at best and sub-humans at worse.

We are so sorry.

911 in Jerusalem*sigh* – I appreciate the sentiment and all, but I am sure that in no time this organization, the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism, will be denounced as a Jewish front or a Mossad operation or some such nonsense. This, despite the fact that its founder, Palestinian-born Kamal Nawash was a member of and legal counsel for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). You can read about him here.

In other news 1200 people participated in an interfaith commemoration in honor of the victims of 9/11 in Jerusalem’s Independence Park Saturday night.

Muslim religious leaders from mosques in California, Paris, and Moscow, bishops, and rabbis, including Rabbi Moshe Nimni of Jerusalem and Rabbi Menachem Furman of Tekoa took part. White doves were released at the end of the event.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I actually feel sorry for him, in that he is feeling forced to apologize for people who have absolutely no connection to his group. He is in no way resonsible for all this crazyness and we (especially in light of beslan, beer sheva, and the 9/11 anniversary) need to remember that…no matter how right wing we are 🙂

  • where do youget your photos from? check out our web site for excelent news and feature photos. and if you want to see a photo of a muslim woman with full head garb and a “tweety bird” tie input the name “curtis” into the search box.

  • curtis: baubau.net is amazing! laya was telling me about the demonstration in front of beit hanassi tonight and boom – there were photos of it on your site! So… I looked on your site and I saw no mention of what it costs – what IS your pricing policy for well visited but cash poor non-profit sites using your photos?

  • CK,
    For a cash poor non-profit site i can offer you unlimited access to our entire daily coverage and archive for $300 US per month.

  • Curtis… your pics are fabulous, but if we had a spare $300 a month kickin’ around, we’d get laya an apartment …

  • ck,
    go to baubau’s web site to the cdontact us section. there you will find our phone number. give me a call. let’s talk and work this out. i have some ideas.

  • As of right now (May 14, 2005), the forty-eighth organization listed on the “Free Muslims Against Terrorism” website as an official endorser of the “March Against Terror” is “The Uzbekistani Kcid Skcus Hsawan Foundation for Peace”.

    Did you notice what “Kcid Skcus Hsawan” spells backwards?


    Wow… great endorsers!