Want to understand Kashrut as the vast Zionist conspiracy that it is, or PayPal as a vehicle of censorship a la the Wiesenthal Center, or perhaps learn more about the Zionist conspiracy to take over the very powerful post of the Mexican President?

Of course you don’t.

Why? Because you a normal person and are not on anti-psychotic medication.

But if you did want to know more, you could fuel your irrational paranoia here.

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  • Animosity, conspiracy theories, and resentment runs high by losers in the political, economic, and public opinion forums.

    They are losers for good reason. because their political, economic and social ideas are losers in a free voting market. Since this is so hard to believe, there HAS to be other reasons for it.

    The Jewish people historically have always been economically and socially successful because of very hard work and a tight religious culture that promotes helping each other. Perfect targets for groups that have been much less successful, and need reasons other than themselves for it.

    I have always believed Jews have been targets much more for their historic economic success than any religious animosity. Even though, most using the religious angle do it probably without thinking or realizing the cultural geneses of the animosity.

  • I found this one a long long time ago and have been enjoying the entertainment ever since. You find a lot of misplaced anti-semitism out there, but this one continues to amaze me.

  • I find Jews and especially Israelis to take a stand of being beyond reproach and if you are to reproach them you quickly gain the status of being a dirty anti-Semite who wants all Jews dead. So, I find it ironic that you speak of psychosis when your people are experts at it.

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