Sorry G*dAnd why do we care?

Well Jewschool already covered baseball so we know that LA Dodger Shawn Green will miss one of the two games that he is scheduled to be playing on Yom Kippur, and he will play on the other game. Oh well… you’ll recall of course how Jewish pitcher Sandy Koufax skipped Game 1 of the 1965 World Series, attending Yom Kippur services in a St. Paul, Minn. synagogue. Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg of the Detroit Tigers also did not play on Yom Kippur during the 1934 pennant race. Both these incidents served to inspire generations of Jews. Now we are left with this half assed solution. I can honestly say that I am decidedly uninspired.

The LA Times talked to Hank Greenberg’s son Steve about his dad’s decision in 1934.

“He said one of the two or three most memorable moments in his career was when he walked into the temple on Yom Kippur and received a standing ovation,” the younger Greenberg said Thursday.

Steve Greenberg recalled that his father’s decision was heralded a year later in a poem by Edgar A. Guest that ended, “We shall miss him in the infield and shall miss him at the bat, but he’s true to his religion … and I honor him for that!”

Shawn Green missed his opportunity to make history. Long after his on-field exploits would have been forgotten, people would have still spoken about his decision, had it been different. But whatever, that’s his prerogative.

In other sports news, New England Patriots punter Josh Miller will not be playing on Yom Kippur this year because the Pats aren’t schedules to play. Last year, when he was kicking for Pittsburgh, he did play on the Yom Kippur game against the Cavaliers. Miller stated:

`I’m proud of who I am,” said Miller, who is a member of the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame one of only 15 representing football. “I do everything I possibly can to teach my kids to do the right thing. I thought it was important for me to play. It’s my job. If you have a job, you’ve got to do it. “

The Boston Herald notes that “Miami quarterbacks Jay Fiedler and Sage Rosenfels, Washington Redskins guard Lennie Friedman, Minnesota Vikings guard Mike Rosenthal, other notable Jewish players in the NFL, also won’t need to cross that bridge Saturday…” as no games are scheduled.

This begs the question though… why do we care what these people do? Maybe it’s because as sports stars, we envy them and their athletic abilities. They are engaged in careers that have them doing stuff that we’d all love to be doing. Given that, I should note that Luke Ford reports what porn star and Yid Ron Jeremy will be doing vis-a-vis his professional commitments this Yom Kippur:

Ron says he might [work] —- on Friday night, the beginning of Yom Kippur, but he will only do girl-girl on Saturday, Judaism’s most solemn day. In observance of the Jewish fast, he will limit himself to two meals and no more than 3,000 calories worth of the most strictly kosher offerings.

“It’s something I feel is an important thing to do,” Jeremy says, “partly as a representative of the Jewish community and as far as my being a role model for Jewish kids, to basically say that work, or anything, isn’t bigger than your religion and your roots.”

In 2001, when Jeremy walked into shul on Yom Kippur morning in the middle of prayers, the entire synagogue rose and applauded.

“It was the proudest moment of my life,” a sheepish Ron recalled months later. “That and when I first performed ——– on myself.”

Jewish actors not —-ing on Yom Kippur has a rich and proud history. Though they are not generally religious people, folks such as Nina Hartley, Raylene, Traci Lords and Jamie Gillis have often chosen to continue the traditions of their ancestors rather than earn a quick paycheck performing meaningless sex on the holiest day of the year.

Heh. Luke Ford cracks me up. Anyhow, have an easy fast everybody, I’m outta here!

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  • Do we as Jews still foolow the now (I attest) out dated but still very tasty tradition of eating kosher pork?


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    – Значит, секс запрещён?
    – Разрешён, но только с женой.
    Семён Ешурин, Тель-Авив