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This is the stuff Disney movies are made of.

Last week, The Norwalk High School Bears got a heter to play on Friday night. Normally, the ultra-sensitive team tries not to, as the shouting teenagers and brass band interferes with Shabbat Services at Beth Israel Synagogue, next to the stadium, but last week it just couldn’t be avoided. Luckily, Rabbi Yehoshua Hecht gave his blessing to Coach Tucci, happily citing compromise as a civic duty and saying that “The main thing is that people should get along together,”.

Apparently the blessing didn’t work to well, as the Bears lost to New Canaan (New Canaan!? what are we supposed to make of that?) 35-7

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Laya Millman


  • Hey.. these guys are my neighbors! I guess I should read the local paper now and then.

    Believe it or not, for being so waspy, New Canaan has an awful lot of Jews living in it.

  • Hey, my alma mater! They always lost when I was there too. I thought their colors were green with white helmets, though?

    Thanks for the post, that really brightened my day.

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