Jews did this?Yeah, but where were the Yids? Where was Hillel?

Look, it was a fun show, featuring headliners Sister Hazel. came through with some really spectacularly good live streaming, and lots of top billing on their much trafficked Web site. But… there’s always a but, huh? totally neglected to make any mention on their Web site of the many Jewish groups and organizations that sponsored and spearheaded this show. Why is that? Is there something wrong with being associated with Hillel? Well is there?

You would never know from watching the show, that the whole anti-terror initiative at Duke grew out of some trouble down there with a Palestinian conference that’s going to happen this weekend. Whatever. I guess really expensive fluff has it’s place in the hasbarah effort.

Good show Duke U. Hillel! What was the message again? Oh yeah. Terrorism sucks. Rah!

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  • HEY…..I know you are trying to be cute…..but DONT CALL US YIDS!


  • Uh… Yid is the Yiddish word for Jewish. You have a problem with that? ie a common Yiddish greeting when one Jew meets another is something like vus machtsu yid, how ya doin [fellow] Jew? I wasn’t trying to be cute…