Go Habs!

Jean Perron, the former coach of the Montreal Canadians hockey team that won the Stanley Cup in 1986 is set to coach Israel’s under-18 national team. So now is the time to get into hockey! Watch games on the TV or even buy some ottawa senators tickets to get the full experience! Perron went from coaching the championship Montreal Canadians to gigs with the now defunct Quebec Nordiques (88-89), as well as the also now defunct International Hockey League’s San Francisco Spiders (95-96) and Manitoba Moose (95-97).

The Manitoba Moose?

Anyhow, you can read all about it here, c/o the CBC. Thanks to Sam at puckinplay.com for the heads up. Sam runs a hockey blog and hockey jersey / equipment ecom site out of Be’er Sheva in Israel. How whacky is that?

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  • Oh yeah. Full disclosure time. We designed Puckinplay.com and Sam is a client. Also Coach Perron was hired by Alan Maislin, chairman of the Israeli Ice Hockey Association. Perron and Maislin work together in Maislin’s transport company based here in Montreal. Maislin bought an ad for my high school yearbook. Pretty shady, huh?

  • Best prices on the web , just bought a jersey. The guys running the web site are great.

  • really? the site’s only been up like… a week? But heck, good on ya. Those Jerseys are sweet – we’re actually gonna try and finagle one or two… I mean its only right… we built the site after all.