Now, I can make my own – and so can you!

Implicate the Jewish people, if you fancy. Implicate SUV owners. Implicate Rush Limbaugh, if you will. But, by all means (and there isn’t much of a choice here), implicate Dubbya – if even only as a response to ck’s inconceivable shmaltz a few posts back. I searched for the irony but my hands came out all earnest and gooey. Yuck.

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  • if even only as a response to CK’s inconceivable shmaltz a few posts back.

    Well you know me Alli… I am all about the shmaltz – witness the cute bunnies for instance. It’s a non-stop shmaltz fest with me! Frankly, I’m a little surprised about the reaction to that whole Bush posting and all… I mean, hello Alli. You know me…. sheesh. But funny link anyway. Anyhow, my Bush Conspiracy Generator came up with this:

    George W. Bush allowed 9/11 to happen so that The Jews could oppress The French.



  • A call to react against that post, just because of the sheer incongruity of it being here – I just didn’t get it…? Color me confused and reactionary.

  • You guys are getting better and better with each passing day. Lisa heart Jewlicious. (and CK, thanks for relieving my concern re. the irony thing).

  • Yes CK. I too am glad you cleared up that ‘irony’ thing about that Bush post. I know you can be ironic when you want to be, but never moronic at someone elses expense, on purpose.

  • In the interest of full-disclosure, I spent 15 minutes listening to a convincing right-wing commentator today on the radio and entertained the idea of voting for Dubbya. I wondered if I did, would I tell my friends? Or would I hide my dirty little secret?
    Deep, huh?