I could be king ...There is a difference, I suppose, between stupid people and people who merely do stupid things. Rabbis who call for instituting an Israeli monarchy and beseech God to cause the death of elected officials straddle the line between the two. Oddly, there is a group that is willing to do, well, both. The
Jerusalem Post reports on a ceremony at the Shiloah Spring in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan Tuesday night, involving some water and a reenactment of a ceremony from the ‘First Temple Period.’

The point of the reenactment? One leader, Rabbi Hillel Weiss, said:

This ceremony will lay the foundations for instituting a Jewish king, a Jewish court, and the Third Temple…We will draw inspiration and strength from the ceremony as the holy priests did in Temple times, and we will ensure that the Jewish people will not be removed from their land.

Israel’s monarchic past had a rather short lived record of success. Our first King, Saul, was a paranoid megalomaniac who employed a witch to put him in touch with the dead. While the following two luminaries (David and Solomon) managed to build a temple and expand our state’s borders, the former’s murderous lust prevented him from building the temple and the latter’s ploygamy, polytheism and decadence is blamed for the splitting of the Kingdom into two parts. Decline ensued.

Anyhow, the other leader of this fun-time-party-action group is none other than Mr. Death Curse himself, Rabbi Yosef Dayan. His plan for better Israeli government included the following inspirational words:

Sharon’s plan is insane and I wish for his death…We want a Jewish monarchy in Israel and not a secular government with secular political parties. The decisions made by the majority are not decisions since the majority is stupid.

Now that is just not nice. I always thought that all of Israel was a nation of brothers! I never imagined that Cain and Able was the right paradigm! In any case, despite my ridicule, I hereby announce my support for these Maniac’s Rabbi Weiss and Rabbi Dayan’s plan under one condition: that I be your King.

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