Vancouver Muslim leader espouses jihad, calls Jews ‘monkeys and swine’ reports:

In a lecture posted on the mosque’s website, Sheik Younus Kathrada tells an audience all real Muslims want to be martyred. “It is inconceivable that a true believer will not desire martyrdom,” Kathrada says.

In his lectures, he has also called Jews “the brothers of monkeys and swine…”

Kathrada, leader of the Dar al-Madinah Islamic Society mosque in east Vancouver for the past six years, was unable to recall when it was that he had made these statements, “If it’s on there and my name is on it then I must have. I don’t recall the date.”

Reaction from other members of the Muslim community included these comments by Aziz Khaki of the Committee for Racial Justice: “God may forgive him… I don’t even waste time on such characters.”

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