you will respect my authorita!Like big boned Eric Cartman, I am inclined to show disdain towards hippies. So, when I first noticed mention of a Love Day Parade in Tel Aviv, I was pretty inclined to put on my best scorn face. But then when I started checking out the pictures, my cold heart was melted by images of Israel’s having fun, listening to techno and most of all, well, being topless. I mean, it’s a bit like mardi gras with kosher boobs. Grandmuffti now wants to put Love Day in Israel near the top of his to-do list.

Make no mistake. These people talk like hippies. According to the The Love Parade Website, The Love Parade is

…a demonstration in favor rather than in opposition: in favor of peace, tolerance, mutual respect, happiness, freedom and mostly, in favor of love. Together, through the music that we love so dearly, we will show the world that there is yet another way…[last year] 300,000 club go-ers rallied together to prove that ‘Love conquers all.’

I think they have a point. Surely if we all went to beaches and did a lot of ex while listening to techno, there would be less war. Ugh. Now I’m talking like a hippy. Nonetheless, I think we can all be mature enough to look beyond Love Day rhetoric and check out the substance. And really, if you keep the drugs, the nudity, the free love and the reckless sense of abandon, can’t we tolerate the more whiny, obnoxious and hypocritical aspect of hippiedom?

For your pleasure amusement and I suppose purient interest, I provide a link to some Love Parade Photos Just try to stay away next year after seeing the pictures of Love Day. I’m sure I’ll see all y’all there.

Am Yisrael Chai

I still hate hippies. Especially ones that drive SUVs. But I love the Love Parade.

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  • Yeah the boobs are hot. But damn the Haredim have a right to be concerned about the state of affairs in Israel. Less is more – long live shtreimels and knickers.

  • Uh… the Love Parade is a gay party. All the boobs in those pics and all other assorted err… bits and nubbins are gay.

    ( go on…

    say it, I know you want to…

    must… resist…

    aaaarrrrggghhh…. )

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • You’re foolish if you think that everyone who goes to a ‘gay’ event is in fact gay. Don’t be so homonervous (Yeah I just made up that word).

  • No no silly Josh – assuming that comment was aimed at me, accusing me of being foolish or “homonervous” as it were is itself foolish. You can read about my participation in this year’s gay pride parade as an example. The thing about my earlier post was that I think grandmuffti was so bedazzled by the boobies that he didn’t realize that the Love Parade is a gay pride event. Of course many of the participants are bi or hetero, but a gay pride parade is not usually thought of as a great place for heterosexuals to hook up with other heterosexuals, which I assume is what that horndog was contemplating. Hope that clears things up.

  • Well, I don’t know…Black and Blue in Montreal is a gay pride event but seemed like a fine place to hook up with chicks. Furthermore, while there may be many gay people at the Love Parade, it’s not billed as a gay pride event. I mean, get a party where lots of e is being consumed and djs are playing and the homosexual contingent of any decently sized city usually shows up to party. So back of the Muffti, mofo.