Uh... what??Mark Ames of the New York Press writes a kinda funny, kinda scary primer on Evangelical hopes and aspirations with respect to themselves, the Jews, the rapture and the apocalypse.

The Evangelicals’ late-20th-century strategy of embracing Jews as their biggest, bestest friends in the whole wide world reads like an updated Hansel and Gretel, with Evans playing the witch luring Hymie and Gilah into his West Bank lair in order to cook them.

Or, it has a King Kong quality to it, like tying up Fay Wrayberg to a Hebron IDF outpost in order to cajole Jesus Kong out of the heavenly jungle so that he can lord over the cross-chucking savages—except that at least Fay Wray survives in the original. Not so the Jews of Michael Evans’ fantasy.

Of course Jewlicious has already discussed this issue but Ames is much, much funnier than that Jewlicious weenie “The Middle.”

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