sweetA friend of mine in America sent me and a few other friends in Israel this email. I thought it was so cute, I hope she won’t mind my sharing it.

so believe it or not-you’re missing out. while i very much think that Israel is a beautiful place, America has one thing Israel doesnt-seasons. i drove home today from school and on the highway, i noticed the trees. the trees were making this gorgeous canopy on the highway. I’m not very poetic so i can’t quite describe the scene. but you’re all american so i’m writing this e-mail to serve as a reminder.

So really, i’m not kidding, if any of you would like me to pluck a couple of leaves off the tree and ship them to you, i will. no joke. actually, that sounds like a good idea. in fact, i want to do it. you know? i’m actually excited to. here’s the plan-all of you are going to send me your mailing addresses ASAP and I am going to send you some leaves. you won’t regret this. Please let me send you leaves!!! I repeat-im not kidding but send me your addresses quickly because autumn is temporary and the really good leaves go quick.

You know how it says, “Ten portions of beauty descended to the world: nine were taken by Jerusalem and one by the rest of the world.” (Kiddushin 49b) So I think the one portion not given to Israel is autumn.

She just may be right, though truthfully the first sign of autumn used to make me a slightly depressed, cause it just meant winter was coming (i don’t do well in cold weather) Nonetheless, there is something about real seasons that is still slightly enchanting.

So much of Judaism is designed to help you recognize and be aware of the world around you. We’re not to let new moons pass by unsanctified, we have to know if our food comes from a tree of the ground to say the right bracha. We’re concerned with the precise minute of sunset and halachic midday. So thank you, TR, for reminding me to recognize the beauty of an autumn leaf as well.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower –Albert Camus

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Laya Millman


  • No seasons?! The verdant and abundant blooming of the Israeli spring in the Galilee makes one weep with joy.

  • This post has changed my mind. I now like Laya’s posts the best.

  • I also pasted your awesome post “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” by Albert Camus, in my Quote Favorites. Thanks Laya.

  • aww, thanks Jim, that’s sweet ­čÖé
    TM — spring in Israel and almond blossoms et. al. is amazing, and i hate winter and don’t particularly miss it that much, but yet i have to admit a dramatic appreciation for the four distinct seasons of my American childhood.

  • Wow Laya. I am so touched that you would post that. Maybe yo could have deleted the part where I prctically begged you guys to send me you e-mail addresses, but altogether, awsome! So I was walking around my campus yeturday on a mad hunt for the best leaves. It brought me back to those childhood times when the most important things were to find the most decorative leaves and most magnificent sea shells. Remember that? It’s funny how you can grow out of appreciating certain things.

  • leaves are pretty like laya’s hair, shining thru a waterfall…


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