Our absentee landlord is off getting drunk again. In the meantime, I have finally had the opportunity to try his mom, Bracha’s, Salade Cuite.

Yup, earlier today, your intrepid author poured himself a glass of pinot noir, turned on the gas flame (yeah, I know it’s shabbat but this is how I get my day of rest), and charred the skin of some Anaheim Peppers which I promptly placed in a sealed paper bag. Then, removing the juices from three cans of organic whole tomatoes (juice was promptly used in some garlic tomato rice that I made on the side), and crushing them with my bare hands – yes, the very same hands that bring you these posts and have taken up the slack for not one but three Jewlicious reporters – I filled up half a pot and salted the tomatoes. I then threw in about 5 sliced garlic cloves, poured in a good amount of Greek olive oil, stripped, seeded, sliced and added 2.5 of the peppers, (throwing the rest into a bowl with chopped garlic and tossing with plenty of olive oil and some salt – I’ll enjoy that tomorrow as an appetizer), added some more salt and spicy paprika, and then let the whole thing simmer for a loooooooooooooooong time. Eventually, I turned it off and let it cool.

I tried it with challah.

God bless Brakha.

Really, it was very good. It was so good I may not have the planned shakshuka.

Update: Shakshuka was pretty good. I’m impressed, CK.

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