Whilst cruising the Jewish Agency aliyah forums, I came about this interesting theory:


Imagine that you are from a fanatical racist cult that has lost one war and plans to come back again and fulfill your fanatical aims. Your goal is to seize power, smash your enemies and to kill every Jew on earth.

Last names are unreliable. To get a list of every Jew on earth, you need to use the Internet to get them to sign up for something every Jew needs, like an Internet dating service.

Recently, the joint ADL-ATF investigative team took a closer look at JDATE.COM after rumors of a neo-Nazi connection. The shocking results of our study confirm the worst fears of the Jewish community: JDATE.COM is a Nazi site designed to collect names
for the next Holocaust!

JDATE is owned by:

Matchnet PLC
8383 Wilshire Blvd 800
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone: 3238363000
Fax: 3238363333

Quick research in the corporate registry of America revealed that Matchnet’s shareholders include Reinhard Ebert and Maximilian Himmler, grandson of Heinrich Himmler, the feared SS exterminator. More disturbing, several other shareholders were “shadow companies” in Western Germany for whom addresses and phone numbers lead to dead ends.

This is called a “dead man corporation” because it is owned by people who don’t actually exist!

Reinhart Ebert, aka Richard Albert, is a former “enforcer” for the German National Democratic Party, or NPD, which is essentially the continuation of the German National Socialists from WWII! He created “Project Trojan” which uses NORMAL WEBSITES to lure Jews to their untimely deaths!

Maximilian Himmler, son of Josef Himmler, son of Heinrich Himmler, feared leader of the SS Einsatzgruppen who exterminated over SIX MILLION JEWS in Europe, is alive because his father fled to Brazil after the war. He has made speeches at NPD meetings including the chilling line, “…and we must continue the work of our forefathers
in removing PARASITES from the white world.”

Don’t be fooled by JDATE.COM!
Don’t visit JDATE.COM!
Never give your information to JDATE.COM!

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