Whilst cruising the Jewish Agency aliyah forums, I came about this interesting theory:


Imagine that you are from a fanatical racist cult that has lost one war and plans to come back again and fulfill your fanatical aims. Your goal is to seize power, smash your enemies and to kill every Jew on earth.

Last names are unreliable. To get a list of every Jew on earth, you need to use the Internet to get them to sign up for something every Jew needs, like an Internet dating service.

Recently, the joint ADL-ATF investigative team took a closer look at JDATE.COM after rumors of a neo-Nazi connection. The shocking results of our study confirm the worst fears of the Jewish community: JDATE.COM is a Nazi site designed to collect names
for the next Holocaust!

JDATE is owned by:

Matchnet PLC
8383 Wilshire Blvd 800
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone: 3238363000
Fax: 3238363333

Quick research in the corporate registry of America revealed that Matchnet’s shareholders include Reinhard Ebert and Maximilian Himmler, grandson of Heinrich Himmler, the feared SS exterminator. More disturbing, several other shareholders were “shadow companies” in Western Germany for whom addresses and phone numbers lead to dead ends.

This is called a “dead man corporation” because it is owned by people who don’t actually exist!

Reinhart Ebert, aka Richard Albert, is a former “enforcer” for the German National Democratic Party, or NPD, which is essentially the continuation of the German National Socialists from WWII! He created “Project Trojan” which uses NORMAL WEBSITES to lure Jews to their untimely deaths!

Maximilian Himmler, son of Josef Himmler, son of Heinrich Himmler, feared leader of the SS Einsatzgruppen who exterminated over SIX MILLION JEWS in Europe, is alive because his father fled to Brazil after the war. He has made speeches at NPD meetings including the chilling line, “…and we must continue the work of our forefathers
in removing PARASITES from the white world.”

Don’t be fooled by JDATE.COM!
Don’t visit JDATE.COM!
Never give your information to JDATE.COM!

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  • Uh… that’s crazy. Alli, you know I enjoy taking the piss out of JDate as much as the next guy but… could you possibly provide us with a link to the source of this information? Given JDate’s propensity for litigousness, it might be a good idea …

    I googled the article and found it online here and here. Phew.

    UPDATE: The post lists a phone number to call for more information – ” For more information, contact the ADL Public Safety Initiative at 202-857-6533 or http://www.adl.org on the Internet” That phone number goes to Bnai Brith, not the ADL and they have no clue what this post is about so… while it ought to have seemed patently obvious, I am going out on a limb and declaring this post a hoax. Kinda funny, but a hoax nonetheless. I mean seriously – what’s the slogan?

    Liebe Macht Frei

    Good grief.

  • I took the liberty to edit out the links and the phone number because they go to an organization called the gay nigger association, or something – and really, I wanted all the gay black dudes to myself.

  • Well, according to this link , Matchnet are a publicly traded British company with annual and quarterly reports which I encourage you to read because they are fascinating.

    Apparently the company is losing millions and it is run by Joe Shapira (aka Fritz Himmler???).

    Now it could be this is all a ruse because I have no idea how to check the listings on the Frankfurt stock exchange, but if it is a scam, it is pretty sophisticated.

    I guess that an enterprising Neo-Nazi probably CAN go into the Frankfurt stock exchange and buy control of the company. By doing so, he’d have control of the names and addresses of the subscribers. However, I can’t imagine that he would be legally able to do anything with those names that doesn’t fall under the original claims and promises made by Jdate or Matchnet.

    Do we have anybody here who knows how to check foreign stock exchanges?

  • TM, please do a search on Jewlicious using the term JDate and see all the clever investigative work we have already done on the subject. I am going to have to institute mandatory Jewlicious education on all new posters apparently. It was one of our biggest stories.

    Having said all that, I still believe JDate is not run by Nazis. Sheesh.

  • Whoa! You guys have JDate covered backwards and frontwards. That’s the last time I’m ever posting anything on this site after 5 minutes of research.

    Well, maybe not.

  • um, cute article?

    setting the record straight:
    JDate.com was started by two Israeli guys in the late 90’s
    they own online personals sites, in the UK, Germany, Israel and other countries as well.

    you can read about it’s true history here: http://www.spark.net/

  • You Jews are ridiculous. You destroy nations and make conspiracy theories against us. Nazism is growing and I hope that you will one day be removed from society completely. Hitler, our great hero has written much about people like yourselves in MEIN KAMPF, a most truthful book.

    You are the most un-Aryan as they get. You live only for self- preservation, your egotism is high yet idealism low.

    You call us fanatics, yet we do not manifest ourselves and destroy nations, sucking the sap from the great Aryan race.

    ‘Nazism did not fail. It was merely defeated in war. Communism failed.’ – Muadlib

    ‘Destroying Jews is merely a matter of hygene’. – Mussolini


    Your great lies fool many, but we will continue to fight.

  • Dick – you don’t mind if I call you Dick – are you the official Nazi Party Web Researcher? Because Dick, you’d think you’d find a post more recent than ’04 to spew your Aryan sap.

    Have a little matzoh ball soup. You’ll fee much better. Later, Dick.

  • It’s the two combinations of my chosen nickname and the dream of all aryans- the 3rd Reich.

    Ramon – you dont mind if i call you Ass, do you?

    Ass, i am NOT the official NS party researcher. Ass, i would have found a more recent post, but i accidentally stubled onto this site and decided to see if Mein Kampf was correct.

    Later, Ass, see you at the ovens.

  • Wow, what a deep-thinking individual. To think you came up with the name all by yourself and then you even managed to copy Ramon’s joke except that you brilliantly replaced dick with ass. The Master Race indeed.

    Be sure not to commit suicide when you discover that your grandmother was Jewish.

  • Ah, funny story actually. My grandmother was hiding yor lot in the second world war when some Nazi SS troopers came. She was, of course, risking her life. Now the troops came and then went off to fight, my grandfather having chased the truck and given back a violin that the soliders gave in return for the hospitality.

    They met those Jews years later, and guess what? No hello, just a look.

    As for you the middle, I was just trying to simplify it for people like yourself.

  • 🙄

    I was talking about your other grandmother.

    By the way, there’s an entire section of Yad Va’Shem in Israel dedicated to Righteous Gentiles. You should visit it some time.

  • My other grandma died before I was born. Anyhow, they are both dead.

    Avi- RR, or myself, I am real. Please do not get confused between me and the troll that you ate last night.

    Speaking of troll, two things for you to know:

    1- It’s not Kosher
    2- I have 3 pet trolls, Gurt , Mog and Zarg.

  • Copies of ‘ The complete works of Adolph Hitler’ Available on request to all others who stumble upon this site!!!!

  • Did I make a joke? I don’t get it… maybe someone from the Master Race ® can let me in on it.

    See me in the ovens? We going together Dick? Or are you sending me there, tough guy? You and who’s Master Race ® Dick?

  • Oh… I see… “may I call you Dick?” I have this habit of quoting lines from movies. That one was from Dick Tracy. The one with Madonna. Or Esther. Sorry to have offended you. Sincerely, Ass.

  • Not a problem, ass. As for the ovens, I’ll go with you but you have to pay me quite a lot to get into the actual thing itself. The ‘Master Race’, if you are so reffering to it, is atm just the Aryan race, and there are quite a lot of those, so they are my army, as I am theirs.
    As for the movie- not offended at all. I shall be back to answer more quiries, about my pet trolls, whether I am the official website researcher and where Hitler’s books can be obtained free.

    Yours Truly. Dick.


  • Very ‘clever’. You know who we are. ‘We’ is us- the next generation who will fight for the master race!

  • He’s an idiot. But he’s real and not a troll. There are lots of people like him and sometimes they are nice enough to come and visit us.

  • When we have visitors we bring out the tea and crackers. And we come up with pet names for each other. When we have trolls we simply ignore them.

    So Dick, for some tea and crackers, do you have a website that we can have the pleasure of perusing? Or is your thing strictly by mail order?

  • I am currently building a freewebz website, yes. Coming soon. Thank you, the cookies are great.

  • Ok so i have re read your accusation about jdate.com being a Nazi plot. So how does it work? we bring you together then break your heart, making you useless for anything? or do we distract you with pretty girls than sneak up behid you and break your necks? Or Zyklon B through the window? or a computer virus that makes you Nazi? I thought you people were smart.

    BTW there is no site, well there is but its closed atm so keep watching this space

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