…but released without ransom for the sake of his liver.

The Muffti is pleased to be graced with the presence of CK and Laya. We’ve had good times partying, playing foosball against Mexicans, wearing the Fashion on the Christ, hearing members of the Rutgers glee club belt out some Rutgers’ fighting songs in return for an unwanted snapple, being interviewed at 1 a.m. on the Joey Reynolds show, eating Moroccan food with Dr. Janice and Esther of UrbanKvetch (who are both very jewlicious!), getting really drunk dudes to hit on (English speaking) girls in Hebrew by repeating phrases we told them to go say (hilarity ensued), being really drunk dudes (except for Laya, since she’s a grrl), eating huevos rancheros for hungover breakfast, some other stuff that we best not share, and, most importantly, generally being jewlicious. Oddly, compared to how CK and Muffti used to party in Montreal makes me glad (and frankly shocked) that I am still alive; maybe there really a God. However, all good things must come to an end so tonight the Jewlicious team will eat copious amounts of sushi and then CK and Laya will head on the bus out of town.

On a side note, last Tuesday night was the Heeb magazine release party that CK was supposed to go to with the Muffti. Since CK didn’t arrive until Wednesday morning, The Muffti went to represent the Jewlicious crew. Naturally, he managed to meet a nice grrl, who, after hours of hanging out, quite a few drinks and some drunken kissing revealed that her name was Christin-ah. His poor folks…

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  • After all that predicting that I’d be the first to post about our evening on the town, you won after all…

    I did notice that a few details were left out of your account, my dear new friends…to protect the not-so-innocent or the foosball-addicted, perhaps? I would write more, but there’s a tangerine party in my mouth that I need to attend to…

    A pleasure meeting you all!!

  • not having internet access kinda sucked and EVERYBODY beat me to it but, yeah – what they said. Great evening, yummy food, excellent company and the tangerine party in the mouth thing. I am so post-literate right now, forgive me.

  • The Muffti would be happy to host Ariella. Or at least take her out for a drink or something like that. Can’t use CK and/or Laya as bait, however. The account did have a catch all ‘other stuff we’d best not share’ which I think should have covered it. As for the foosball addicted, the Muffti is guilty as (implicitly) charged. And, having played in some tournaments, he can inform you that he certainly is one of the few jews holding up the jewlicious end of things on that front…

  • The Muffti would do well to pay attention to proper spelling – the name is Ariela, not Ariella and we would also be pleased to host the urban achiever up here in Montreal should she ever choose to take a quick hop up to Montreal. We won’t be able to enthrall you with foosball finesse, but the shopping here is grand, the food awesome and the nightlife sublime. On top of it all, Grand Muffti will also be here for Thanksgiving. So come one come all!

  • The Muffti can enthrall with foosball finesse in Montreal. And indeed, he will be in town come Thursday. Let the partying like rockstars begin in full.

  • Okay, enough with the insider stuff. Somebody draw a map outlining the relationships around here.

  • As the last participant in the New York City Saturday night melee to weigh in, I will tell what really transpired. One caveat though — I left the party at an earlier time, so I missed the previously-reported heckling and foosball activities. (Of course, I could not have participated in said heckling since those heckled were, most likely, my neighbors — can’t piss off someone you’re going to see at Zabar’s the next day, now can you?).

    Knowing ck’s Sephardic heritage, I chose a great Moroccan restaurant (they don’t have a website so I’m going to list it here) Darna, 600 Columbus Ave. @ W. 89th Street in Manhattan (ph. 212.721.9123). The owner, Yehuda Avital, is a great host and encouraged ck to move to NYC to find a nice sephardic girl to marry (I couldn’t agree more, Yehuda)! The arak (when it wasn’t set on fire by ck) lubricated the conversation, which was varied and stimulating.

    Prior to meeting in person, we only knew each other as bloggers: ck, laya & the Grandmuffti of Jewlicious, Esther of My Urban Kvetch and yours truly, the Love Coach. So we already knew one another quite well from reading each other’s blogs, although the knowledge base was “virtual.” As not all bloggers post their pictures, I’d have to say that I would nevered the Grandmuffti in person based on reading his blog posts! I can now appreciate meeting someone “actually” after only having “virtual” contact, which I’ve learned can create a sense of intimacy that isn’t always supported when you finally meet in person. I’m especially keen on this issue since I had previously written some guidelines to singles about how to go about virtual dating. I’d have to say that comparing my own “virtual” and “actual” experiences of ck, laya, G.M. and Esther was very enlightening AND, of course, tons of fun! I agree with G.M. — we are definitely all “Jewlicious.”

    Being much more experienced in meeting bloggers in person, Esther would have to tell you how this experience compared to when she met, for example, Sarah of Chayyei Sarah. While I’ve seen Esther’s comments here on Jewlicious, I’m still waiting to read her post on this momentous event on her own blog. In the meantime, I’m going to find some arak and some matches and . . .