You stink!Holocaust imagery and references used to promote anti-abortion agenda

Got a referer from a Catholic evangelist blog called vita mea (scroll down the page and look for the Jewish star). Dude used Holocaust references to support an anti-Kerry, anti-abortion position. You all know how much I hate facile ignorant stuff like that. Some guy even said I ought to be ashamed (!) at my post. Feh. I humbly disagree and kindly urge Dennis C to turn the other cheek so that I can administer a bitch slapping. On a related note I also added in the following:

I’ll be curious to see what dividends those opposed to abortion will reap as a result of their wholesale support of George W. Bush. Remember, y’all elected a Cowboy who is afraid of horses and a “moralist” who does not regularly attend Church. My prediction? The battle for the rights of the unborn will go nowhere in this administration. Sorry – but I think y’all got punk’d.

We’ll see huh?

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