You stink!Holocaust imagery and references used to promote anti-abortion agenda

Got a referer from a Catholic evangelist blog called vita mea (scroll down the page and look for the Jewish star). Dude used Holocaust references to support an anti-Kerry, anti-abortion position. You all know how much I hate facile ignorant stuff like that. Some guy even said I ought to be ashamed (!) at my post. Feh. I humbly disagree and kindly urge Dennis C to turn the other cheek so that I can administer a bitch slapping. On a related note I also added in the following:

I’ll be curious to see what dividends those opposed to abortion will reap as a result of their wholesale support of George W. Bush. Remember, y’all elected a Cowboy who is afraid of horses and a “moralist” who does not regularly attend Church. My prediction? The battle for the rights of the unborn will go nowhere in this administration. Sorry – but I think y’all got punk’d.

We’ll see huh?

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I apologize if I offended anyone. Unless I offended some Catholic evangelists. In which case I don’t apologize at all. There’s a reason I use a pseudonym on this thing…. but what about the underlying issues laya? Boobies inspired you to comment but not the notion of celebrating the anniversary of a Jewish tragedy with a call for increased pru u’rvu? The name of G*d? The death of Arafat? Abortion rights? Nope. Just boobies.

  • jeez, get a grip!

    This site is private property. You dont wanna look at it, don’t come to this site! Noones forcing anyone to come here.

    If you’re gonna visit ANY site on the internet, be prepared for nudity.

  • It’s less nudity than you would see in say, a typical copy of oh… Cosmopolitan for instance. If you want to reach the masses of contemporary Jewry, you gotta talk to them in a language they understand. I am sorry if I offended anyone, but I believe that along with the shmutz, there are a couple of jewels lying in wait… so Aish Hatorah doesn’t like me. Oh well. What has Aish Hatorah done for most of you lately?

    Having said that Aish Hatorah is actually pretty darned cool. For those of you who wish to familiarize yourselves with Judaism a little more and have the benefit of an Aish chapter nearby, I strongly urge you to visit and partake of the services offered. There are not many naked people around but some things are even more enlightening than partial nudity. Fo’ real, yo!

  • We should only wish to have the sort of reach and influence Cosmo has – but if we had it, would we use our powers for good or for awesome?

    I wonder?

  • Having attended many Aish HaTorah functions over the course of 18 years, AND getting published in Cosmo, I think I am best qualified to post a comment here. But just the fact that you are connecting the two ck, is a bit of a stretch I’m not so sure I get.

    Cosmo does not have “nudity” — there are no pix of nips or pubes anywhere in the magazine. (That kinda hurt saying/typing those words, but I’ll persevere.) Cosmo alludes to nudity and sex a lot, but it doesn’t show it. And the magazine is meant to be educational. The pix that are being posted here on Jewlicious are for entertainment, or shall I say titillation purposes, and there’s no denying that. The education is in the text.

    Aish has a problem with nudity, which they have strictly defined as exposing anything below the collar bone, above the mid-calf and above the elbow. So of course they won’t like this site, or anything resembling it.

  • i’m sorry, Janice, but Cosmo is to education what Doritos are to health. No disrespect towards you.

    so is your definition of nudity anything other than “nips or pubes”? A tushy in nothing but a thong is still a naked tushy, if you ask me. isn’t there a happy medium of good taste we can agree on, somewhere between Aish and Cosmo?

    Besides, isn’t Tzinua supposed to be ‘in’ nowadays?

  • Since ck actually spotted the tzniua trend in the first place, perhaps he could be the first to show fully-clothed women in his posts. I think that would definitely be “educational.”

  • Janice Dude. I was trying to offend Catholic evangelists!!! I read their blogs – they want to get into the Jews for Jesus business, which until now has been the exclusive domain of Baptists and Protestants. I can’t offend these folks with pictures of fully clothed women…. unless….

  • We should all be very proud of our god-given bodies, no?

    We should all be pleased publications like Cosmo are around to provide an education as to how best those god-given bodies.

    Even people at Aish like nudity. Really.

    Why is my Knesset post dying on the vine? Is it my writing? Should I have more sex in my posts?

  • Whats with all the Aish plugs? And since when is this a religious site?
    I say bring on the boobies!

  • This in reference to the new movie “Kinsey”

    In a statement on Wednesday, Robert Knight of Concerned Women for America charged that the movie “lionized” a man whose “proper place is with Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele or your average Hollywood horror flick mad scientist.”