The Muffti is a man of much love, not hate, and thus regrets passing on the following story. The land of the free generated over 7,400 hate crimes last year, ranging from intimidation to arson to murder. Apparently this is only slightly up from the year before. Some notable facts:

  • Anti Black crimes totaled 2,548 in 2003, more than double such crimes against all other racial groups combined. There were 3,150 black victims in these cases, including four who were murdered.
  • Anti Islamic Crime stayed about the same at 149 (20o1, near the end of the year, saw a spike in this category for obvious reasons).
    Crimes against Jews led the religious hatred category with 927 (about the same as last year).

  • Male homosexuals were the victims of 783 hate crimes (from a total of 1,200 sexual orientation hate crimes). This includes 6 murders.
  • In order, the states with the highest hate crime rates were: California (1,472 incidents, 19.7 percent of total reported incidents), New York (602, 8 percent), New Jersey (594, 7.6 percent), Michigan (427, 5.7 percent), and Massachusetts (403, 5.4 percent). These five states comprise 46.7 percent of all incidents reported in the United States.
  • Anyone with stats that would provide a comparison should post them in the comments.

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