These guys are like the Girls Gone Wild of Kabbalah. First they got a nude shot of Marla Maples . Now they have gotten Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher to pose in just a red string to promote those crazy, whacky books of the Kabbalah. Word is that Madonna is next.

The Grandmuffti is all for this campaign. Why should soft core porn be all in the hands of sleaze bags like Larry Flynt ? Isn’t it about time that ‘religion’ made a buck off of boobs? In fact, this Mardi Gras, as ck and I enjoy the hospitality of the Kosher Eucharist Pretty People, we plan to load up on red string rather than beads. Red String has been elevated from, well, crappy string to bulls&*t holy item and fashion accoutrement. Jewlicious would not want to be caught behind the times.

One might have thought this rather sacriligeous. Fortunately, the red string is a made up bit of nonsense. It’s thus fair game in the ‘worthless-objects-for-boobies’ zeitgeist of Mardi Gras and leaves us cool with the G-O-D. As Rabbi Yirmiyahu relates, “One man I know jokingly said he keeps the red thread on as a segula against having to give money to the people selling red threads.”

Thanks tons to Kenny for the story. Extra thanks to the Muffti approved blogger for pointing out that nude/red string pictures of celebs is eerily reminiscent of Leonard Nimoy’s Shekhina project, featuring some tasteful nudity of women in tefillin. Oy. All of this makes even the normally unperturbed GrandMuffti groan.

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