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Finally, a Madonna story that has nothing to do with Kabbalah:

Madonna took time out of her spiritual journey, to film the 30 second ad for the Ministry of Tourism, which will debut at the World Tourism Fair in London next week.

I just slapped together a mockup of what one of these ads might look like. I think this will be very effective – after all, who doesn’t love faux lesbians! If anyone at Israel’s Ministry of Tourism likes it, feel free to send shekels to ck c/o Jewlicious.

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  • Uh… well, that’s what this comments section is for, or am I missing something? BTW, your post on that British guy JDate IM thing was funny! In all fairness though, I always want to know my ladies’ inside leg size. It’s just so that if I get them inside leg warmers, as like a gift and stuff, I can get the right size. It’s really quite innocent ….

  • Is this old lady ever going to grow up? Embarrassing for the rest of us her age.

  • Ahhhh… the joys of JDate chatting…

    I once had a guy who kept harassing me to strip for him on cam and when I told him to piss off he called me a slut as only non-sluts strip from complete strangers?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Madonna Promotes Israel Tourism…in Song?
    I know, I know. It’s an older story. But I was going through my posts from the old site, and made myself chuckle, so I thought a reprint was in order. Feel free to print out my lyrics and sing