Wow, there’s something really empowering about voting. As I waited in line watching the backs of 8 strangers deciding, in small part, the destiny of the world, I felt for the first time in a long while a wash of pride and power in being one of ‘We the People’. Normally, I feel rather apathetic towards politics, but I had this sense that it truly is not the squawking heads on TV which shape the nation, it is the people who take 20 minutes to go and make their voices heard. You can think that America is all about burgers and fries and Wal-Mart, but its something big and thoughtful and beautiful, and I sort of tapped into that today for 5 minutes. I went to vote with my Mom and while waiting outside the doors for her, at my old junior high, pre-teens with tubas and flutes on their way to band practice would yell ‘Nader!’ or ‘Vote Green Party!’ – which was…cute. We got in the car when she was done – and she asked me which judges I voted for. I told her that I haven’t paid attention to any of the judge races, so that was the only section I skipped. She said she voted for whomever’s name sounded most Jewish.

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