Islamic Terrorist Busted!This is starting to sound like a movie itself

On November 2, Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh (yes, a relative of Vincent) was shot, then repeatedly stabbed, then had his throat cut with a butcher knife on an Amsterdam street by a “Dutch Moroccan who wore traditional Islamic clothing.” A five-page letter declaring holy war and threatening death to the critics of Islam was stabbed to his chest with a knife.

Eight weeks prior, Van Gogh’s documentary film, “Submission,” about the abuse of women in Islam which “featur[ed] images of battered women wearing see-through robes that exposed their breasts, with verses from the Qur’an written on their bodies,” aired on Dutch TV, to much uproar from the local Islamic community.

Since the killing, several Dutch mosques have been attacked, an Islamic school bombed and other burned downwith the words “Theo rest in peace” written on it in retaliation. Then, in retaliation for the retaliation, two Protestant churches had petrol bombs thrown at them.

Yesterday, at his funeral, which was broadcast live on TV, Van Gogh’s mother told the hundreds in attendance “Let no social worker, psychologist or another member of the thought police tell us we cannot hate, that we have to turn the other cheek.”

That statement had barely hit the presses when a 14 hour standoff with terrorists in the Hague (the irony!) started in which three officers were injured by a booby trap and a hand grenade thrown at them. Airspace over the Hague was closed as a result of the confrontation.

This on the heels of an opinion poll stating that “40 per cent of Dutch people no longer considered Muslims welcome” 81 percent backed extra measures to combat Islamic extremism and some 79 percent felt the killing of Van Gogh showed that Dutch society had changed for ever.

So much for the famous tolerance of the Dutch, huh?

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  • those are dutch terrorist boobies for you, ck, just to maintain continuity with the theme of the day

  • I just want to comment about the Dutch tollerance….As Hannah Arendt points out, 40,000 Dutch SIGNED UP for the SS. The Anne Frank story ends with her being given in by the dutch. Makes you think. Now the dutch have something to worry about. Is it Karma (mida kenneg mida?)?

  • obscure reference, do other people know that? he only knows that cause his flatmate is Bulgarian. Turns out they were pretty good to the Jews throghout history.

  • Uh no laya. I know that because I’ve been to Bulgaria. Prior to my first trip I did some research and discovered that not one Bulgarian Jew was deported by the Nazis to concentration camps. I was surprised to not have ever heard of that before. My flatmate, who you correctly identified as Bulgarian, did not know that either.

    And yes, that’s what I meant.

  • Are the Euro’s waking up?
    Frankly, we do know that the Euro’s are racist SOBs that are tolerating the ‘ethnic’ immigrants because the tolerating humane image is the one to promote though they don’t really believe it. The predictions are that Muslims will overcome the continent, but could it be that the infamous Euro hate and aggressiveness will reappear?

  • It’s difficult for Western democracies, especially in Europe and in light of WWII, to attack their own minorities or to have government sanction of such attacks.