idanDo you loves me, baby? Do you trust me? Then buy this CD, already. There’s some samples on the link for those of you who don’t fully loves/trust me.

Idan Reichel was just a kid living in the basement of his parents’ house in Kfar Saba when he bought some equiptment and began the process of forming the Idan Reichel Project, a collaboration with vocalists and musicians whose roots span Ethiopia, Curaçao and Israel – and the results are spectacular. I don’t know if the whole Far East/Rasta look came before or after, but it don’t matter, the song “Bo’ee” has already become such an anthem that an Israeli cell-phone company offers it as an alternative ring. Compiled from Hebrew and Amharic songs, instrumentals, love letters and even portions of the Bible, the Idan Reichel Project is a must have.

Says Mitchell Ginsberg in the Jerusalem Report Magazine:

Reichel’s album is more diverse than just East meets West. Religious texts are read in Amharic with a quivering cello riff in the background; a traditional Amharic song is introduced by a Caribbean-inflected English blessing; and some of the Hebrew songs, which start out as straight-laced pop renditions, culminate in chanting that betrays Reichel’s affinity for the modern-classical Arabic singers Farid al-Atrash and Um Kulthum…

Deeeelicious. Oh, and BTW, I loves you, too.

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