It’s my friend Amihai’s Birthday this week, and he is decidedly Jewlicious.

Amihai was one of the first people I met and befriended when my life started over in Israel. I was fresh off the boat, wide eyed and innocent and still trying to save the world through photography, as he reminded me recently.

We’ve been though a lot together, he’s seen me through even more, and he’s had to forgive me more than once.

He’s funny, and musical, and knows a whole lotta torah and always listens to me when I’m freaking out late at night, insisting that he was already up even when I can tell in his voice that my call woke him.

He’s one of the best guys I know.

So Amihai, I can’t be at your rockin’ birthday party this year, but I can wish you Happy Birthday all over the Blogosphere.

Peace Love and Brachot, holy brother 🙂

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