Day 6

Day 6 of Chanukah. 2 More days left! Went to see Closer , starring Hebrew U. student Natalie Portman. Great movie, but not suitable for first or second dates. Trust me. What is suitable? How about this cute Chanukah animation? Click on the candles and let the fun begin!

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  • or third, or fourth, or any dates at all…dude, it’s all about infidelity, insecurity, relationships ending and love being ruined, if it was ever genuine in the first place.
    see it with friends, not lovers.

  • I don’t know laya. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. But those who are brave enough to watch this with someone they care about demonstrate a certain fearlessness. Said fearlessness serves you well when navigating the treacherous waters of love. I take it back. Bring a date to this movie.

  • yeah, look how well said fearlessness served them.
    from the girl point of view, I still say don’t.
    It’s about the ugly side of love, if you can call it love.
    Wait, and see it as one of your post-break-up therapy movies instead.

  • Naw man, love is a dual edged sword, which this movie demonstrated amply – it brings out the best and the worst in people, brings you to the highest highs, takes you to the lowest lows. Yet, despite all the attendant risk and pain, people continue to be drawn to it like moths to a flame. No need to sugar coat it, this movie sure didn’t, love is compelling despite the consequences. See this movie regardless of what your relationship status is.

  • “laya”…

    wild guess… stung by love, dumped on your ass, feeling sorry for yourself during the holiday season? get over it, no one owes you flowers and chocolates, and with that attitude, you’re never gonna get them. having been born female myself, i’d consider it worthwhile to have the object of my affection cycle through his brain the “attendant risk and pain” (well put, ck) of our budding relationship. might make him think twice about treating me the way someone obviously treated you in your recent past. so please don’t proclaim yourself the ambassador of my sex.


    are you single? better yet, are you male?

  • uyen, you’re actually wrong on every presumption you made. Good try though.

  • laya…

    your ramblings certainly don’t make that appear to be the case. care to elaborate?

  • I don’t really know from where you are making your assumptions, Uyen. Did you see the movie? maybe you’d understand better if you did.