Firebombed Library Rebuilt

The Library at the United Talmud Torah Elementary School in Montreal was reopenned, 8 months after it was firebombed in retaliation for Israel’s elimination of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. The new library contains 13,000 books and was rebuilt with help from around the world, including a donation by Australian actor Russell Crowe, who played a neo-Nazi skinhead in the 1992 film Romper Stomper. The new library also comes equipped with with state-of-the-art computers and an audio-visual wing.

Parent Leora Lieberman noted “My kids have even said it to me, ‘Mommy, we have a better library than before. They did some bad, but we tricked them — we got a better library.”

Sleiman Elmerhebi, 19, and his mother Rouba Elmerhebi Faud, 36, are back in court Dec. 16 on charges of arson and conspiracy in the firebombing of the school.

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  • So he’s 19… his mother’s 36… let’s add this up (or subtract it, as the case may be)…

  • They’re apparently muslim immigrants from Lebanon. The 19-year old arab terrorist, who fire-bombed the school, blamed Canadian TV reports, (al-jezera like you must know), he had seen regarding Israel’s pre-emptive strike against a hamas terrorist.

    The teenage terrorist, as far as his utterances in court demonstrate, is about as articulate as Mike Tyson (and I think I may be offending Mike here). Which is inconsistent with the note threatening Montreal’s Jews at the crime scene.

    Makes you wonder about the dropping of the conspiracy charge, since it is unlikely he acted alone.

    A criminal psychiatrist, on the provincial government payroll, claimed the teenage terrorist was well integrated into Quebec society. Which is probably true since the french here in montreal wear qafiyah-terrorist-scarves and two generations ago identified with Hitler and supported the nazis.



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