Peh is for PelephonePeh is for Pelephone!

Israel’s Ministry of Absorption has plans to launch a new TV station “dedicated solely to teaching Hebrew to new immigrants – a move unprecedented in any other country.”

The programming will include lessons on Jewish and Israeli culture, and news broadcasts using simple Hebrew will be broadcast periodically. Interactive features such as crossword puzzles and logic games that can be filled out using special remote controls are also going to be included.

Imagine the programming possibilities! Lessons in Israeli culture? Like what? How to stiff shoulder people when out in public? How to spend 15,000 shekels a month while still only earning 13,000 and still managing to take that yearly trip overseas… to shop? How politics in Israel is like sex in America; your either doing it or talking about it?

Still, the language stuff might come in handy, when you can argue with an Israeli and win, you know you’ve made it.

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Laya Millman

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  • I only wish I could get this channel in Canada… it would SO help with my struggle to learn Hebrew!! (psst.. anyone wanna tape it for me???)