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Every once in a while we get people asking “who the hell are you guys anyway?” Even more often, people we know are surprised to find out that we are the folks behind Jewlicious. We’re not coy really, at least most of us aren’t, we’re just not big into self-promotion I guess. Also and more importantly, we’re not big famous Jewish celebrities or academics. With the exception of one blogger, none of us are Jewish community professionals, and even that one professional, Rabbi Yo, is very unconventional. We’re basically the Jews that you meet, when you’re walking down the street, we’re the Jews that you meet each day…

If after having read this, you want to drop us a line or whatever, just go to our contact page and do so.

Aaron Smallaaron
aaron grew up in the san fernando valley, but living with israeli parents guaranteed seeing much of the world before he finished yeshiva day school. he writes short stories, poems, and viral videos. he blogs at life in samsonite, where he rants about his love life, ecology and sustainability, jewish stuff, and technology, and those special people that bring everything together.

4 years of synagogue pre-school, 12 years of Religious School, 2 semesters of college Hebrew, 6 years (and counting) of Jewish communal work and now…writing for Jewlicious. My parents are so proud. Originally from a diverse and welcoming suburb of Philadelphia – I’m a single Jewish girl living and working in a nameless two-horse town in the Northeast. That’s my cat in the picture; my neurotic attempt at semi-anonymity,at least until you want my autograph and digits.

3 random facts about Arielle:
-I fall somewhere in between “neo conservative” (what? everyone else said it!) and bleeding heart liberal, depending on the issue.
-I wrote a college essay about Ramona Quimby (google her, if you must)
-I have a penchant for bagels & lox, Yuengling, DSW and 80s music, especially Europe’s Final Countdown

Beth is just eager to find a nice group of Jews with which she can gossip about other more famous Jews. She’s a celebrity monger but also loves to dish about tv, music, films (mostly indie movies she forces her husband to watch on Netflix and any movie that contains subtitles, which doesn’t exclude OJ Simpson 70’s flicks) She loves pop culture trivia and spent her college years at the University of Michigan playing 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon in the cafeteria and only registering for classes she could show up to in her PJs. It was a limited selection so she majored in French. In 2004, she published a book called “10 Secrets I Learned From The Apprentice.” Unfortunately she never met Donald Trump, but if she did would ask him if his hair were really orange. She likes orange very much, but her favorite color is Magenta cause it rhymes with blue placenta.

I have a love / hate relationship with Jews. Don’t even get me started. I am the product of 11 years of Hebrew day school, a year at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and far more University education than is healthy. I have this never ending fascination with Judaism, similar to a little kid who derives endless pleasure from contemplating his belly button.

I love Israel, and I especially love Jerusalem. Love begins and ends in Jerusalem. I’ve led 9 Taglit birthright israel trips and I currently live in Jerusalem. I’ve been involved in any number of Jewish and Israel advocacy organizations but I have always felt that grass roots stuff I’ve been involved with has been more effective and satisfying. I’m kind of a shit disturber that way.

Currently working for DrummerWeb, where we host and design Web sites for a wide range of clients, including a number of Jewish groups, most of whom have no idea of my involvement in Jewlicious. I’ve lived in Jerusalem, Paris, New Orleans, New York and Boston.

Choosing as her namesake a famous Jewish warrior queen, dahlia is a proud Jew and Zionist, now residing in the Great State of Israel. She is working on her Masters at Tel Aviv University, and is a self-proclaimed expert on the Middle East. She likes chocolate, M-16s, ballroom dancing, and long walks on moonlit beaches. Fun fact? She’s sort of a nerd and likes Israeli folk dancing. But don’t let that fool you, she still has a black-belt. 😉

You can’t get any Jewier then growing up in Brooklyn, but advocating for Israel on campus and authoring a kosher travel blog, Dani has managed that feat. He spends his days directing his minions of pro-Israel campus zombies, and moonlights by traveling the world… kosher style.

Dani was somehow chosen to the Jewish Week’s “36 Under 36: The Next Wave of Jewish Innovators”… and we’re very proud of him.

Networking at over 50 Israel related conferences, Dani is connected to every Jew on Facebook. He is going for an MBA in International Marketing so he can write witty bios for himself. Go find him on Facebook, Twitter, on one of his blogs, or on Gchat.

Dani is busy. You may be interrupting.

Danielle Ames is a twenty-something Canadian, married to an American (Plastic Surgeon), living in Beverly Hills, after having lived (and DATED!) in New York City. She has a graduate degree in Art/Museum Studies and has worked in some of the best arts institutions in NYC. Now, she is enjoying being back on the West Coast since she grew up in Vancouver, BC. She loves writing about art, culture and food but mostly she loves giving advice. She is a contemporary “Dear Abby” of sorts… Family relationships, careers, religion, love – my friends ask her about it all. She has a passion for human behavior and relationships. Write her at DEARDANIELLE@GMAIL.COM

The author of beloved blogs My Urban Kvetch and JDaters Anonymous, and senior editor of new magazine PresenTense, esther is also a singles columnist with the New York Jewish Week. She also recently began writing Good For the Jews, a new blog at the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Typically, our bloggers write their own intro but Esther’s been busy spreading the Kvetch across America. Thus this will have to do until she submits something. This also gives us a chance to gush about how cool we think Esther is and how thrilled and flattered we are that she would share her unique take on things with Jewlicious. Mamish flattered. We are not worthy. And yes, I am indeed currently sober. [Esther’s note, 9/06: I was supposed to submit my own bio, but this paragraph that CK wrote was so flattering and captured such a memorable moment that I’m hesitant to change it. So if you want more info about me, you can see the articles and bio on my professional website, EstherK.com.]

Not really froyleinfroylein
European mix with a love for silly puns just as for warm vanilla pudding & tomato soup (in that order), languages hardly anyone knows, healthy doses of kitsch, Brooklyn, interactive pop-up books, warm socks on winter days; tends to forget birthdays, anniversaries, names, faces, calling back; avoids celery; would donate for hip-replacements to hipsters; whistles in the shower.

* The photo above is not of froylein. But it’s the closest we could find.

Just goes along with any damn fool idea ck comes up with. This has included starting a Web design firm, being one of the leading harassers of Nazis online, torturing the congregation of the 3rd oldest synagogue in the US and other stuff that can’t really be discussed right now.

The product of Toronto’s finest Hebrew day schools, grandmuffti is currently completing his PhD in Philosophy. [He’s done! He’s done! He’s Dr. Muffti to you, fools!] This explains his rigorous logic and often unintelligible ramblings (unintelligible to you. Trust me, if you were smart, you’d totally understand).

Grandmuffti hates continental philosophers, loves the band Tool, plays guitar and used to have hair below his shoulders. One day soon, he will actually write his own profile, and put up a photo …

Hillel is a technology and Web obsessed Twitter addict. His technology blog on matters such as mobile technology and online marketing, has been featured on sites such as TechCrunch, Mashable, TheNextWeb, BusinessInsider, and AllThingsD. However, add mobile advertising and Forex trading to those interests, combine that with five kids and a wife, and you got yourself one busy Jew. Hillel loves to network and sees social media as the perfect platform for that, but there are still some people who believe he does not exist.

Jamie Jamie Kirchick
Jamie works for The New Republic and is a columnist for the Washington Examiner and the Washington Blade, the former owned by a major supporter of the Christian Right and the latter being the biggest gay newspaper in the United States. He blogs for both TNR’s “The Plank” and produces much neo-conservative bile for Commentary’s “Contentions”. He writes regularly for The New York Sun and his opinion pieces run in newspapers ranging from the Los Angeles Times to the Wall Street Journal Europe. He is a lover of Israel and the Ramallah gay scene in particular. He knows his Bubbie must be proud that her grandson is affiliated with a website called jewlicious.

Leah Stern grew up in Miami Beach, and graduated from the University of Miami. She is a freelance journalist who has been published in The Miami Herald, Miami Sun Post, Detroit Jewish News, New York Jewish Week, Jerusalem Post and Haaretz. Stern resides in Jerusalem, where she is a correspondent for the Israel Broadcasting Authority English News. She is also producing a documentary on Israel’s Disengagement from Gaza. Leah has toured across the United States speaking about her experiences living as a new immigrant and working in Israel as a Journalist, She is also an ROI120 alumni.

Here's Phoebe!phoebe
Phoebe enjoys the Zabars cheese counter, “Yossi and Jagger,” and fin de siècle Zionism. Her goals in life are to understand French Jews and French-Israeli relations, to become fluent in Hebrew, and to own several large and furry dogs. She thinks Alfred Dreyfus was sort of good-looking, and would have had an affair with him if given the opportunity. She considers herself a neoconservative mugged by reality, a social liberal, and a Jewish nationalist. Phoebe has her own blog, appropriately titled “What Would Phoebe Do?” Well, uh… join Jewlicious apparently. Bienvenue Phoebe!

rabbi yonah
Chasidic Zionist, tree hugger, save the whales, meat eating, music loving, baal teshuva, stand up proud yid. If you want more see my bio here. And how did this Rabbi come to mash-up with Jewlicious?

Got into blogging as an addiction with ck in the summer of 2004. He helped us design and create BeachHillel.com which broke ground for being well, a Hillel Blog. In DC they hadn’t even heard what a blog tastes like….

Happily got ck to agree to fly to Long Beach, having never met me, for Jewlicious@TheBeach 1. They actually believed that we had made a conference! Imagine if it had just been an elaborate plot by a gang of rival bloggers to lure them into the open and take away their wifi connections. This was clearly before the days of Blogger Protection Teams, and Secret Blog Service. Oh and I love every Jew, especially the ones that I argue with here. There are my closest cousins. Oy, luv em so!

Stop on by for Shabbat Dinner if you are in the LA/LB hood.

The new bloggirl in the class. Try to make her feel welcome, kids. She’s never sure whether the journalist / writer / editor / webcontent consultant / startup junkie part of her resume ought to be mentioned before or after the mother of four boys part. Having lived in Israel for her entire adult life as a wedded dweller of religious suburbia…nay!…an active (although at times rather subversive) participant thereof, it may be surprising to find the likes of SarKE on this hip urban mockathon. She is truly honored to have her worlds collide in this fashion.

Catch her between loads of laundry and conference calls – being by turns sentimental, self-indulgent, and overly-serious – at www.the-word-well.com. Make sure to comment on it.

Sharon Udasin is a lovably neurotic 25-year-old journalist, who is currently working as a staff writer at The Jewish Week in New York. After being ridiculously afraid to set foot in Israel for over 22 years, Sharon finally went on a Birthright trip in June 2007 and found such a deep connection to the country that she’s been back five times since. Sharon graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2007 and then received her M.S. in journalism from Columbia the following year. She has seen Les Misérables seven times and could probably host a one-woman performance of the show if it wasn’t for her horrible singing voice and inability to dance. Some of her other guilty pleasures include the Harry Potter series, the television show Gossip Girl and an inordinate addiction to Tasti D-Lite. See all of her work here, follow her on Twitter or write to her at sharon@sharonudasin.com.

Wishes to remain anonymous. Has been acquainted with ck for years and yet, ck has no idea what he looks like. But amongst the things ck does know and can share is that he has been a tireless advocate on behalf of Israel and Jews, jousting with all manner of neo-nazis, anti-Israel propagandists and ignorant folk in general. He is relentless and thorough but still possessed of an open mind and pleasant disposition.

ck forgives him for his unhealthy obsession with the infamous French Hill spitting incident and his Haredi fetish. Oh and the_middle has an interest in falafel making utensils.

Spawnof6 is the daughter of Rabbi # 6 on the Big Jews list in Newsweek. How much does that say about me? Absolutely nothing. I’m the product of Jewish Day School, was raised in New York, Los Angeles, and Jerusalem, and yet, I still don’t hate Arabs. I currently live on the Upper West Side, go to school in Boston (Go Wellsley!), and am waiting to move to Jerusalem. I love good hummus but it’s hard to find it out in the Diaspora, hence the appeal of Aliyah. I have glasses but I only wear them when I want to look smart. Luckily, I was wearing them when I met ck and he thought I was smart/cool enough to write for Jewlicious.

Vicki was born in Russia and raised on vodka and cynicism. In the United States, she really began to feel Jewish around the time she went on March of the Living to get away from a bad breakup and has since organized more Israel festivals than Golda Meir. She believes her two-month internship in Tel Aviv gives her the right to be a smug and discerning shakshuka critic. Currently she’s sold her nerdy soul as an international trade analyst, and muses frequently about how she’s the cheap man’s Shalom Auslander, except minus the religion, at her blog, vickiboykis.com.

Wendy In FursWendy In Furs
Hi! I’m Wendy. I’m new to JBlogging, and am quite fascinated by it. My job does not even remotely allow me to do this sort of thing publicly and so I, with great hesitation, join The Middle as Jewlicious’ second anonymous blogger. Where I live and what I do are not as important as what I know. I hope you will be entertained from time to time and I do look forward to being a member in good standing of the Jewlicious community. Some people say blogs are no longer relevant today, I say you must be in old media. Or boring. Or both. And no, I don’t actually wear furs. Ever.

Y-Love? Y not!Y-Love
Y-Love is a black orthodox rapper, who won “Best Jewish Hip Hop” over Matisyahu in the 2006 JMA’s. He rhymes in Aramaic so there isn’t much competition, but that doesn’t yetzer hara him into just getting by. He is a brilliant MC who weaves Kabbalistic themes into the many languages in which he spits. Y-Love has performed with Lou Reed, DJ Spooky, Hadag Nachash, Matisyahu, & Steinski at venues ranging from Princeton to Irving Plaza. He is a contributing editor to Jewlicious.com, the web’s leading Jewish blog, as well as to his own site Thisisbabylon.net, a site already beginning to gain notoriety for its unabashed critiques of Antisemitism, racism, and Islamophobia.

Harry is a prophet, sent by Ha-Kadosh Baruch Hu to illuminate His People Israel with the light of Rock. However, since a prophet is never appreciated in his own city, Harry was forced to flee Jerusalem for the greener pastures of Modi’in, where he produces one of the first Israeli blogs, The View From Here, doesn’t produce a well-loved podcast, collects Vietnamese kitchen utensils and battles zombies. In addition to his passions for Rock and hummus, Harry enjoys firing tank-mounted mag machine guns and makes a mean cholent. He intends to grace Jewlicious with much-needed Israeli cultural content and paeans to the many fine culinary establishments of this most Zionist of Entities.

Steven H. Pollak has written for the Baltimore Jewish Times, the Atlanta Jewish Times, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and American Jewish Life magazine. In addition, Steve’s writing has appeared in numerous legal and business publications. Steve enjoys hunting wild boars which he then donates to non-Jewish orphanages. Prior to his current gigs he enjoyed a brief but lucrative career as a pirate on the Barbary coast. Ok. Those last two things were lies. Sorry. He can be reached at steve@jewishliteraryreview.com

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