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Every once in a while we get people asking “who the hell are you guys anyway?” Even more often, people we know are surprised to find out that we are the folks behind Jewlicious. We’re not coy really, at least most of us aren’t, we’re just not big into self-promotion I guess. Also and more importantly, we’re not big famous Jewish celebrities or academics. With the exception of one blogger, none of us are Jewish community professionals, and even that one professional, Rabbi Yo, is very unconventional. We’re basically the Jews that you meet, when you’re walking down the street, we’re the Jews that you meet each day…

If after having read this, you want to drop us a line or whatever, just go to our contact page and do so.

Aaron Smallaaron
aaron grew up in the san fernando valley, but living with israeli parents guaranteed seeing much of the world before he finished yeshiva day school. he writes short stories, poems, and viral videos. he blogs at life in samsonite, where he rants about his love life, ecology and sustainability, jewish stuff, and technology, and those special people that bring everything together.

4 years of synagogue pre-school, 12 years of Religious School, 2 semesters of college Hebrew, 6 years (and counting) of Jewish communal work and now…writing for Jewlicious. My parents are so proud. Originally from a diverse and welcoming suburb of Philadelphia – I’m a single Jewish girl living and working in a nameless two-horse town in the Northeast. That’s my cat in the picture; my neurotic attempt at semi-anonymity,at least until you want my autograph and digits.

3 random facts about Arielle:
-I fall somewhere in between “neo conservative” (what? everyone else said it!) and bleeding heart liberal, depending on the issue.
-I wrote a college essay about Ramona Quimby (google her, if you must)
-I have a penchant for bagels & lox, Yuengling, DSW and 80s music, especially Europe’s Final Countdown

Beth is just eager to find a nice group of Jews with which she can gossip about other more famous Jews. She’s a celebrity monger but also loves to dish about tv, music, films (mostly indie movies she forces her husband to watch on Netflix and any movie that contains subtitles, which doesn’t exclude OJ Simpson 70’s flicks) She loves pop culture trivia and spent her college years at the University of Michigan playing 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon in the cafeteria and only registering for classes she could show up to in her PJs. It was a limited selection so she majored in French. In 2004, she published a book called “10 Secrets I Learned From The Apprentice.” Unfortunately she never met Donald Trump, but if she did would ask him if his hair were really orange. She likes orange very much, but her favorite color is Magenta cause it rhymes with blue placenta.

I have a love / hate relationship with Jews. Don’t even get me started. I am the product of 11 years of Hebrew day school, a year at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and far more University education than is healthy. I have this never ending fascination with Judaism, similar to a little kid who derives endless pleasure from contemplating his belly button.

I love Israel, and I especially love Jerusalem. Love begins and ends in Jerusalem. I’ve led 9 Taglit birthright israel trips and I currently live in Jerusalem. I’ve been involved in any number of Jewish and Israel advocacy organizations but I have always felt that grass roots stuff I’ve been involved with has been more effective and satisfying. I’m kind of a shit disturber that way.

Currently working for DrummerWeb, where we host and design Web sites for a wide range of clients, including a number of Jewish groups, most of whom have no idea of my involvement in Jewlicious. I’ve lived in Jerusalem, Paris, New Orleans, New York and Boston.

Choosing as her namesake a famous Jewish warrior queen, dahlia is a proud Jew and Zionist, now residing in the Great State of Israel. She is working on her Masters at Tel Aviv University, and is a self-proclaimed expert on the Middle East. She likes chocolate, M-16s, ballroom dancing, and long walks on moonlit beaches. Fun fact? She’s sort of a nerd and likes Israeli folk dancing. But don’t let that fool you, she still has a black-belt. 😉

You can’t get any Jewier then growing up in Brooklyn, but advocating for Israel on campus and authoring a kosher travel blog, Dani has managed that feat. He spends his days directing his minions of pro-Israel campus zombies, and moonlights by traveling the world… kosher style.

Dani was somehow chosen to the Jewish Week’s “36 Under 36: The Next Wave of Jewish Innovators”… and we’re very proud of him.

Networking at over 50 Israel related conferences, Dani is connected to every Jew on Facebook. He is going for an MBA in International Marketing so he can write witty bios for himself. Go find him on Facebook, Twitter, on one of his blogs, or on Gchat.

Dani is busy. You may be interrupting.

Danielle Ames is a twenty-something Canadian, married to an American (Plastic Surgeon), living in Beverly Hills, after having lived (and DATED!) in New York City. She has a graduate degree in Art/Museum Studies and has worked in some of the best arts institutions in NYC. Now, she is enjoying being back on the West Coast since she grew up in Vancouver, BC. She loves writing about art, culture and food but mostly she loves giving advice. She is a contemporary “Dear Abby” of sorts… Family relationships, careers, religion, love – my friends ask her about it all. She has a passion for human behavior and relationships. Write her at [email protected]

The author of beloved blogs My Urban Kvetch and JDaters Anonymous, and senior editor of new magazine PresenTense, esther is also a singles columnist with the New York Jewish Week. She also recently began writing Good For the Jews, a new blog at the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Typically, our bloggers write their own intro but Esther’s been busy spreading the Kvetch across America. Thus this will have to do until she submits something. This also gives us a chance to gush about how cool we think Esther is and how thrilled and flattered we are that she would share her unique take on things with Jewlicious. Mamish flattered. We are not worthy. And yes, I am indeed currently sober. [Esther’s note, 9/06: I was supposed to submit my own bio, but this paragraph that CK wrote was so flattering and captured such a memorable moment that I’m hesitant to change it. So if you want more info about me, you can see the articles and bio on my professional website, EstherK.com.]

Not really froyleinfroylein
European mix with a love for silly puns just as for warm vanilla pudding & tomato soup (in that order), languages hardly anyone knows, healthy doses of kitsch, Brooklyn, interactive pop-up books, warm socks on winter days; tends to forget birthdays, anniversaries, names, faces, calling back; avoids celery; would donate for hip-replacements to hipsters; whistles in the shower.

* The photo above is not of froylein. But it’s the closest we could find.

Just goes along with any damn fool idea ck comes up with. This has included starting a Web design firm, being one of the leading harassers of Nazis online, torturing the congregation of the 3rd oldest synagogue in the US and other stuff that can’t really be discussed right now.

The product of Toronto’s finest Hebrew day schools, grandmuffti is currently completing his PhD in Philosophy. [He’s done! He’s done! He’s Dr. Muffti to you, fools!] This explains his rigorous logic and often unintelligible ramblings (unintelligible to you. Trust me, if you were smart, you’d totally understand).

Grandmuffti hates continental philosophers, loves the band Tool, plays guitar and used to have hair below his shoulders. One day soon, he will actually write his own profile, and put up a photo …

Hillel is a technology and Web obsessed Twitter addict. His technology blog on matters such as mobile technology and online marketing, has been featured on sites such as TechCrunch, Mashable, TheNextWeb, BusinessInsider, and AllThingsD. However, add mobile advertising and Forex trading to those interests, combine that with five kids and a wife, and you got yourself one busy Jew. Hillel loves to network and sees social media as the perfect platform for that, but there are still some people who believe he does not exist.

Jamie Jamie Kirchick
Jamie works for The New Republic and is a columnist for the Washington Examiner and the Washington Blade, the former owned by a major supporter of the Christian Right and the latter being the biggest gay newspaper in the United States. He blogs for both TNR’s “The Plank” and produces much neo-conservative bile for Commentary’s “Contentions”. He writes regularly for The New York Sun and his opinion pieces run in newspapers ranging from the Los Angeles Times to the Wall Street Journal Europe. He is a lover of Israel and the Ramallah gay scene in particular. He knows his Bubbie must be proud that her grandson is affiliated with a website called jewlicious.

Leah Stern grew up in Miami Beach, and graduated from the University of Miami. She is a freelance journalist who has been published in The Miami Herald, Miami Sun Post, Detroit Jewish News, New York Jewish Week, Jerusalem Post and Haaretz. Stern resides in Jerusalem, where she is a correspondent for the Israel Broadcasting Authority English News. She is also producing a documentary on Israel’s Disengagement from Gaza. Leah has toured across the United States speaking about her experiences living as a new immigrant and working in Israel as a Journalist, She is also an ROI120 alumni.

Here's Phoebe!phoebe
Phoebe enjoys the Zabars cheese counter, “Yossi and Jagger,” and fin de siècle Zionism. Her goals in life are to understand French Jews and French-Israeli relations, to become fluent in Hebrew, and to own several large and furry dogs. She thinks Alfred Dreyfus was sort of good-looking, and would have had an affair with him if given the opportunity. She considers herself a neoconservative mugged by reality, a social liberal, and a Jewish nationalist. Phoebe has her own blog, appropriately titled “What Would Phoebe Do?” Well, uh… join Jewlicious apparently. Bienvenue Phoebe!

rabbi yonah
Chasidic Zionist, tree hugger, save the whales, meat eating, music loving, baal teshuva, stand up proud yid. If you want more see my bio here. And how did this Rabbi come to mash-up with Jewlicious?

Got into blogging as an addiction with ck in the summer of 2004. He helped us design and create BeachHillel.com which broke ground for being well, a Hillel Blog. In DC they hadn’t even heard what a blog tastes like….

Happily got ck to agree to fly to Long Beach, having never met me, for Jewlicious@TheBeach 1. They actually believed that we had made a conference! Imagine if it had just been an elaborate plot by a gang of rival bloggers to lure them into the open and take away their wifi connections. This was clearly before the days of Blogger Protection Teams, and Secret Blog Service. Oh and I love every Jew, especially the ones that I argue with here. There are my closest cousins. Oy, luv em so!

Stop on by for Shabbat Dinner if you are in the LA/LB hood.

The new bloggirl in the class. Try to make her feel welcome, kids. She’s never sure whether the journalist / writer / editor / webcontent consultant / startup junkie part of her resume ought to be mentioned before or after the mother of four boys part. Having lived in Israel for her entire adult life as a wedded dweller of religious suburbia…nay!…an active (although at times rather subversive) participant thereof, it may be surprising to find the likes of SarKE on this hip urban mockathon. She is truly honored to have her worlds collide in this fashion.

Catch her between loads of laundry and conference calls – being by turns sentimental, self-indulgent, and overly-serious – at www.the-word-well.com. Make sure to comment on it.

Sharon Udasin is a lovably neurotic 25-year-old journalist, who is currently working as a staff writer at The Jewish Week in New York. After being ridiculously afraid to set foot in Israel for over 22 years, Sharon finally went on a Birthright trip in June 2007 and found such a deep connection to the country that she’s been back five times since. Sharon graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2007 and then received her M.S. in journalism from Columbia the following year. She has seen Les Misérables seven times and could probably host a one-woman performance of the show if it wasn’t for her horrible singing voice and inability to dance. Some of her other guilty pleasures include the Harry Potter series, the television show Gossip Girl and an inordinate addiction to Tasti D-Lite. See all of her work here, follow her on Twitter or write to her at [email protected].

Wishes to remain anonymous. Has been acquainted with ck for years and yet, ck has no idea what he looks like. But amongst the things ck does know and can share is that he has been a tireless advocate on behalf of Israel and Jews, jousting with all manner of neo-nazis, anti-Israel propagandists and ignorant folk in general. He is relentless and thorough but still possessed of an open mind and pleasant disposition.

ck forgives him for his unhealthy obsession with the infamous French Hill spitting incident and his Haredi fetish. Oh and the_middle has an interest in falafel making utensils.

Spawnof6 is the daughter of Rabbi # 6 on the Big Jews list in Newsweek. How much does that say about me? Absolutely nothing. I’m the product of Jewish Day School, was raised in New York, Los Angeles, and Jerusalem, and yet, I still don’t hate Arabs. I currently live on the Upper West Side, go to school in Boston (Go Wellsley!), and am waiting to move to Jerusalem. I love good hummus but it’s hard to find it out in the Diaspora, hence the appeal of Aliyah. I have glasses but I only wear them when I want to look smart. Luckily, I was wearing them when I met ck and he thought I was smart/cool enough to write for Jewlicious.

Vicki was born in Russia and raised on vodka and cynicism. In the United States, she really began to feel Jewish around the time she went on March of the Living to get away from a bad breakup and has since organized more Israel festivals than Golda Meir. She believes her two-month internship in Tel Aviv gives her the right to be a smug and discerning shakshuka critic. Currently she’s sold her nerdy soul as an international trade analyst, and muses frequently about how she’s the cheap man’s Shalom Auslander, except minus the religion, at her blog, vickiboykis.com.

Wendy In FursWendy In Furs
Hi! I’m Wendy. I’m new to JBlogging, and am quite fascinated by it. My job does not even remotely allow me to do this sort of thing publicly and so I, with great hesitation, join The Middle as Jewlicious’ second anonymous blogger. Where I live and what I do are not as important as what I know. I hope you will be entertained from time to time and I do look forward to being a member in good standing of the Jewlicious community. Some people say blogs are no longer relevant today, I say you must be in old media. Or boring. Or both. And no, I don’t actually wear furs. Ever.

Y-Love? Y not!Y-Love
Y-Love is a black orthodox rapper, who won “Best Jewish Hip Hop” over Matisyahu in the 2006 JMA’s. He rhymes in Aramaic so there isn’t much competition, but that doesn’t yetzer hara him into just getting by. He is a brilliant MC who weaves Kabbalistic themes into the many languages in which he spits. Y-Love has performed with Lou Reed, DJ Spooky, Hadag Nachash, Matisyahu, & Steinski at venues ranging from Princeton to Irving Plaza. He is a contributing editor to Jewlicious.com, the web’s leading Jewish blog, as well as to his own site Thisisbabylon.net, a site already beginning to gain notoriety for its unabashed critiques of Antisemitism, racism, and Islamophobia.

Harry is a prophet, sent by Ha-Kadosh Baruch Hu to illuminate His People Israel with the light of Rock. However, since a prophet is never appreciated in his own city, Harry was forced to flee Jerusalem for the greener pastures of Modi’in, where he produces one of the first Israeli blogs, The View From Here, doesn’t produce a well-loved podcast, collects Vietnamese kitchen utensils and battles zombies. In addition to his passions for Rock and hummus, Harry enjoys firing tank-mounted mag machine guns and makes a mean cholent. He intends to grace Jewlicious with much-needed Israeli cultural content and paeans to the many fine culinary establishments of this most Zionist of Entities.

Steven H. Pollak has written for the Baltimore Jewish Times, the Atlanta Jewish Times, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and American Jewish Life magazine. In addition, Steve’s writing has appeared in numerous legal and business publications. Steve enjoys hunting wild boars which he then donates to non-Jewish orphanages. Prior to his current gigs he enjoyed a brief but lucrative career as a pirate on the Barbary coast. Ok. Those last two things were lies. Sorry. He can be reached at [email protected]

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Nice to meet you all and put faces to the names! And I am pleased to see a Canadian or two, like me. 🙂
    Keep up the great work, gang. You are my new favourite blog!

  • A special bracha for water? That’s practically like a special bracha for air. If anything, half the time water doesn’t need a bracha at all.

    Speaking of air, I just can’t wait for someone to decide that there are too many copepods in the air and from now on Jews have to walk around wearing gas masks to filter them out. 😉

  • Since the Muffti is way too lazy to write his own profile, and way too ugly to put up his own picture, he will simply set the record straight . First, The Muffti only follows ck on at best 80% of his fool ideas. Of course the other 20% of the time he was too hungover to even hear the idea…Second, the Muffti didn’t terrorize that synagogue in Savannah; though we may have been a little rough cut for them. Third, the Muffti doesn’t hate continental philosophers. He’s just jealous because somehow their incoherent rambling is way sexier than his…

  • See, I was gonna mention that, but I didn’t know if that would be too, you know, revealing. But I’m glad the cat’s out of the bag now. I’ll add it to your profile.

  • Thanks for your concern, CK. Since you know that I wish to retain anonymity, I understand why you would want to keep the falafel thingy under wraps. Trust me, however, that this is something nobody knows about in my real life.

    Well, except for the guy who sells the garbanzo beans at the farmers’ market.

  • ck! What is *up* with that devilish look in your eyes and that enigamtic smile? Are you trying to say something..?

  • Debbie, you obviously don’t live in the Middle East. nothing is more precious than water.

  • lisa: aw shucks, t’aint nuthin …
    either that or i’m thinking “boy am i glad i don’t live in tortonto!”

  • Laya: Oh, I see what you mean. Though it did get me thinking that water practically *is* air. Weird…….

  • This isn’t fair at all. I enjoyed being one of the only people who actually knew the identities of Jewlicious. Now, I don’t feel special at all. Kind of like once everyone in NYC knew that Peter Parker was Spiderman. Harumph.

  • Well Esther, you do have some insider information that no one else has. You know what I mean. And I won’t tell if you don’t. Heh. Now T_M’s gonna be all “What! What! Tell me! Tell Me!”

    Anyhow, you’ll always be special that way.

  • CK, it’s not such a big mystery – I’ve already heard about the tattoo on your behind. Left cheek?

  • Yup… where it says “Property of the Hell’s Angels.” Younger, wilder days, what can I say?

  • Yes, Esther and I have secret information about one of the Jewlicious crew, and if T.M. had been diligently reading all of the comment threads on previous posts, he wouldn’t be in the dark. Clue — check out the comment thread on the “Bad Boys are BIG” post.

    And step up to the plate T.M. — you should have been reading Esther’s My Urban Kvetch blog. Check out her “Jewlicious Adventure” post.

  • Janice, I did read that My Urban Kvetch entry way back when. And now I’ve reread the Bad Boys are Big post and comments here on Jewlicious.

    I still don’t have a clue what the “insider information” might be.

    Don’t worry too much about it though, I can go another few nights without any sleep.

  • Laya – you’re beautiful. Will I have to be Jewish to take you to dinner?

  • Does anyone know of a good message board for American expats, or Americans considering moving to Israel. Looking for somewhere people discuss Israeli culture (music, film etc), job opportunities, living propsects etc.

    My email is [email protected]



  • Ali: You’re in Israel. if grandmuffti isn’t available for dinner and you’re not Jewish, you can certainly take ME out to dinner. I’ll be in Israel for a couple more weeks.


  • Sorry C K , those eyes scare me a little too much. I’ll wait for Laya’s response, and maybe consider Mufti. At least his pic is blurred.

  • Ali: Good luck then! But I am right around the corner from you, and hungry. I’m not likely to hurt you if you feed me ….

  • Ali, call me old fashioned, but I generally do not accept invitations from strange men on the internet. ck and muffti however, seem to have no such qualms. Thanks tho.

  • oooh, new pictures! Too bad it’s blurry and you can’t see the hair! I’d like to see the “hair below the shoulders” potential…

  • http://www.BECA– USEofROMEK.com



    A young boy, 13 years of age, witnessed his family being tortured and murdered by Gestapo soldiers during a dark time in history: Poland during WWII. At that time, David Faber did not know that he would not only survive countless horrors over the next five years, but would grow up to write a book about his experiences during the war. That was the promise he made to his dead mother: to survive
    and tell the world what happened. Faber survived eight concentration camps, and was liberated by the British in April, 1945, from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. By this time, he was 18 years old and weighed a mere 72 pounds. After the war, Faber moved to London, England, and eventually settled in the United States. Today, Faber lectures throughout the United States about his experiences during the Holocaust. During his lectures, he relates the Holocaust to events of recent years, emphasizing the dangers of hatred, as well as the need for mutual understanding and compassion. Over the past 15 years, hundreds of book stores have hosted book signing events with David Faber, who has also spoken at many schools and colleges, as well as civil and religious organizations.
    Because of Romek conveys Faber’s story of courage and survival through Nazi atrocities. The book is also a useful, educational tool for history, humanities, social studies, and English courses in middle schools, high schools, and colleges; Because of Romek is a required text in many educational institutions throughout the United States. Faber’s goal is for the public to be aware of the horrors of the Holocaust, so as to prevent such horrors from ever occurring again.


    Vincent Press, in San Diego, is looking for an Individual or Company to assist us in the distribution of “Because of Romek”- A Holocaust Survivor’s Memoir written by David Faber. People of all ages need to be educated so that this and other tragedies will be ended forever.
    We are also looking to create a curriculum for all students.
    We are also looking to create a documentary or film.
    “Because of Romek” has sold approximately 150,000 Books over the past 15 years.
    Please email me at [email protected] for more information or any questions. Thank you

    Jeff Muchnik-Assistant to Publisher

  • Jeff, you might get more attention on one of the posts with IDF girls toting guns.

  • aww. what a sweet bio. you guys make me feel like i’m home, even when i’m in the Jet Blue terminal in Long Beach. now i’m off to NYC and to make an appointment for ear reduction surgery.


  • Esther, please edit that comment, it’s self-depracating and we don’t allow those types of comments in here.

  • Hi CK, long time no see! I was curious as to what would you be up to these days, and here’s where I find you!
    Are you still sleeping on your keyboard after countless hours of typing? LOL I remember you doing that back in the day when you tought me HTML in Notepad (Mosaic days), and how to forget the awesome fun playing Doom and Duke Nukem with Grandmuffti (Hi grandmuffti), and …mmm, I can’t recall his name, while eating Angelina’s pizzas (with garlic). Yeah, those were some fun days.

    Greetings from the past,



  • eh…Muffti will live on.

    (For what it’s worth, Mr. Hitler, Muffti didn’t actually write the offending description. He’s pretty sure you’re right and that anyone COULD get a phd with hard work. Maybe even a dipshit like you).

  • Um, Hitler, you can get punctuation in there if you turn off the caps lock when it’s time to punctuate.

    And Muffti, don’t sell yourself short. Maybe anyone is able to earn a Ph.D. through hard work, but not in Philosophy.

  • Did Hitler just apologize for bursting Muffti’s ego? Wow. That’s like an admission of regret. Wicked cool.

  • Nice site guys! I’m sold. The streamer, the shtik, oh and of course the hot background girl. I linked to you, so the 0 people who visit my site will visit yours. I even set your background as my background. Let ppl know they can do that :o}-/-

  • great site just found it. love the jdate bashing. but i have a question? i dont like jdate but is there anything else out there to meet quality jewish woman. i havent had the best luck on jdate but i keep trying. any suggestions?

  • This is a way cool site, its awesome to of actually found other Jews that are actually proud of being Jewish who aren’t Israeli.
    And Wow Hitler is so eloquent, you can tell he really means business because he wrote in all upper case letters, that is pure devotion.
    Well I really got to get back working on the global zionist banking conspiracy, we still got a quite a bit of gentiles to kill in Russia. Shalom

  • Michael needs a bio. And GM needs an update. I guess we’re still under construction, after all.

  • I was sure this web-site was a nazi project until – to my surprise i checked and found out its runned by Jews. guys, seriously. this is disgraceful (especially the jdate ad with the girl lifting her shirt). using your time and creativity towards something more meaningful like, say, becoming doctors or inventing something of the likes of an atom bomb… is more befitting a group of young motivated jews. L’Chaim

  • Damn, ck, they’re on to the Jewlicious Make An Atom Bomb Plan. Shall we go ahead with Contingency Gimel-5?

  • hey jewlicious–todah raba for the sweet comments on my blog. now if only someone could help me out. i’m completely perplexed.

  • well, you’re funny or – in israeli hebrew – “srutim”. just found out this amusing website… promise to visit again in the near future.

    Roy, T.A., Israel

  • For a good laugh I think I’m going to start up a bank in Israel. Of course I won’t dare mix with the community at all, I’ll keep my culture + values system and stay segregated from the locals. Then I’m going to only give jobs to fellow anglo-saxons.
    Whilst I’m about I suppose I ought to ween as much money as possible out of the locals and generally severely piss them off.
    When they attack me for being a parasitic twat I’ll shout – Anti-Saxonist! Yes, I’ll create my own form of racist for my own needs.
    Once that is out of the way I think I ought to get some other minorities in here as well, then the discrimination won’t be as focused on Anglo-saxons.
    Perhaps I’ll get some nephews to change their names to Rosenbaum or Goldstein, get out some anti-discriminatory theories and put them in my own Anglo-saxon news papers and books.

  • Yeah. I hear ya. I’ve been saddled with the last name “Abutbul” – forever a foreigner in the land I grew up in. But it’s good to know that upon my return to Israel, this boy who could have been king of the Arsim, is now going to be a bona fide Anglo Saxon, a Rhodesian colonialist in his own home, with all the attendant benefits! I promise not to forget my humble roots and indulge in my traditional Friday afternoon chumus with the hoi polloi. It’s not high tea, but you know, noblesse oblige.

  • yoyoyo! I gotta admit after seeing movies like American History X and Downfall ive recently begun delving into the deep and messy history of ealry 20th centaury Nation Socialism, aka Nazi’s. Any way to cut a long story short i really saw some sense in the idealogy of Nation Socialsm, but after seeing not only the effects of past attempts to globalise it, but also the more recent attempts, especially with groups like Redwatch, Combat 18 and Blood And Honour, i can understand how the true meaning of National Socialism is misunderstood, and how that very meaning is lost even to those who believe they follow it, so, for now atleast, i am taking some steps to further my knowledge of Judaism. Being brought up to a purely catholic family in England, i have never been incouraged to look at alternative idealogys and philosphys, but some how i have made it my vocation to unravel the mystery for myself.

    I think, seldom do people study religion if they are not pushed to it. People have become tired of it, and yet not even 200 years ago our lives were governed by it. Every word from a religious leader would mean more to the masses than a whole document formulated by a king or state ruler. I think in some way things perhaps would have been better to stay off that way, yet in trueth we still live in that system. One man exists at the top, and like a river with its roots at the top of the mountain, it flows down. Of course its allways been mans destiny to aquire power, and in what that perticular man believes power is, he will allways strive to achieve an accumulation of that. Like Insects in a hive we scamper and crawl our way thru our lives gaining as much as we can on the way, but for what perpose? To simply continue the hive? To be the next chain in a mearly circular existance? These questions have been at the base of my quest since the beggining, and thru this i believe i will learn the way in which my life can best be put to use.

    Ok, so basically i began asking questions in politics at an early age, but at about 16 i realised that my questions could not be answerd by man alone, the divinity of god was required, but who is god? by what name do u call him? Jehova? Allah? Yahweh? Anyway, i keep veering off topic, but cant bring myself to delete what ive written so i’ll leave it as a testiment to my insanity. This is where your lovely site came in, i was just cruising online, as u do, and i desided to take a small look at Judaism, it just happened that your site came up, and it was totally relaxed and cool, and pretty funny, so i stayed a while and now i visit regulary aswell as hotlink from it and steal your bandwidth 😀 Anyway, it wasnt actually as informative as i hoped, it seemed to deal a lot with current affairs (often trivial… which is cool i guess(our generation isnt in to thought anyway)) but it didnt get meaty anywhere, it just stayed on this kinda desert stage. Well it suits that since most western society is physically obese, our mental state should follow suit, get with the program kinda thing.

    Well what i really wanted to say was totally cool site, got me relaxed about some issues, and told a bunch of my mates about it.

    PS: Do u think this statement refers to isreal? “ISAYAH 2:2-6
    2. It will come to pass in the last days, that the mountain; promotion, of The House of Yah­weh will be established in the chief of the nations, and will be raised above all congregations; and all nations will eventually flow to it”

  • as i’ve just spent the past two hours editing copy, it physically pains me that i can’t take a red pen to your “comment.”

  • “Quran, surah 7:199: You shall resort to pardon, advocate tolerance”

    fitting to the situation me thinks, also, can u tell me plz whats the holy book of the jews called?

  • Ollie —
    I’m glad you’re trying to learn about Judaism. I suggest you check out sites like http://www.jewfaq.org/ and http://www.askmoses.com/ to learn more about the religion, as well as reading Jewish blogs like this.
    Given your comments about National Socialism, I also recommend reading about Anti-Semitism. Here’s one place to start: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Semitism
    Most books called something like “history of the Jews,” like the one by Paul Johnson, would also be good places to start increasing your knowledge on this topic.

  • Maybe this isn’t the place, but to answer your question, Ollie: the main names for the Jewish holy books are Torah, Tanakh, and Talmud. Torah is the first five books of the Bible, Tanakh is the Torah plus the prophets and the writings, including more or less the same books as the “Old Testament” (though Jews don’t use that term!), and the Talmud is a set of books that interprets the Torah and its commandments, among other things. If you’re looking to buy a Jewish Bible, get a Tanakh with commentary or a Chumash (which includes the Torah and readings from the prophets, and lots of commentary.)

  • Hi! I’m living in Jeru and in between jobs at IDT (work permit issues, you know. Misrad Hapnim are a pain in the butt). I’ve only skimmed the site here and already I can see it’s got potential to be required reading for when I get back to work! I’m frequently at Kikar Ziyon (usually before going to Egon’s or something) so next time you guys are there on a motzei shabbos, you should wear T-shirts or something so I can say hi…

  • Shalom, and sending my deepest bewilderments from Tel Aviv.

    Alli, let me know if you give up on Ali.


  • Hi there,

    My best friend Sharon is living in the Old City for a year, in the Christian quarter and is interested in meeting up with people who know the place and can offer insights into Jewish culture and a different perspective. She’s a young, hippieish Aussie with an open mind and lively personality. You guys know a good point for her to start if she wants to get to know the place and people?

  • howd ya come up with the name jewlicious’ i mean why not’ but really was there a decision making process like what we do when we are in a mall and we cant decide which way to begin walking?

  • Ah yes, the man behind the ubiquitous “Inspire” tag. I hear you like to steal people’s passports.

  • But baby! You know I can’t! I have a reputation to uphold! What would our families say? Society? The rabbis and the priests? It just…isn’t done! You know they lynched the Goldstein boy for making eyes at the Father’s niece!

    I’m afraid we’ll have to keep this, as they say, on the DL.

  • hey guys!

    Am reading your blog intensely- its realy great!

    Lots of hugs from copenhagen! (yep- we are still a few jewish ppl here up north).

  • Hey Ginseng,
    Nice to know there are still some Nazis alive out there. Do you still sodomize yourself to Adolf Hitler’s photo?

  • I’m only goyalicious but I LOVE YOUR SITE! Well done, fun… 🙂

  • I’ve strayed from Jewlicious for awhile (no, it’s not something I’m proud of…) and returned to find no more Laya or Michael, where’d they go??

  • Hitler was a fool and so were the Nazis

    But I will do one better than them all!

    and thats a promise!

  • Meine_Ehre_ist_treue Says:
    October 25th, 2007 at 7:39 pm
    Hitler was a fool and so were the Nazis

    But I will do one better than them all!

    By shooting yourself first and only then taking the cyanide pill? Impressive! Can we watch?

  • How do I edit a post?

    I asked this in the Contact form and I haven’t received an answer.

  • Nice change to ‘recent comments’ format. Still waiting for that ‘preview post’ button. 🙂

  • i have no idea how i ended up in this site, but you know what? i loved it! being the offspring of a goy and a jew i never had the chance growing up, to explore my roots, to be the 100% jew i want to be. I live in South America, where being jewish=you don’t believe in G’d. Seriously! Anyway, thank you for the site. Hope you don’t mind me showing up uninvited (don’t we jews do that always?)
    oops, look at the time! and i’m talking about being a better jew! Shabbat Shalom, everyone!

  • um u should make a shirt that says in hebrew israel is illegal
    and another shirt that says israel is not real

    if u guys do make a shirt all of my friends and I at temple in Great Neck NY would so buy them.

  • Heh, dropping hints works. I’ll keep that in mind. 🙂
    And indeed, that can’t be me as I don’t drink beer.

  • froyo – that girl in the picture who isn’t you : tell her she’s hot.

    and then walk away…

  • Looking at the bloggers reminds me of when I first got my college catalog- but unlike my middle of nowhere redneck school- you people actually have diversity in your ranks,

    Good job folks- just wondering how do we underlings get links from you up on the thrown types?

  • Not one of you is remotely attractive? Talk about a disappointment!

  • Bobby, nasty comments make your genitalia shrink by one inch at a time. Three nasty comments on here alone… Give or take… Roughly… That’s some disappointment!

    Hesh, I don’t know about the others, but I gave ck a helpless & confused smile.

  • And true that, Middle is attractive. Muffti’s hot. ck’s adorable. Even my sonny Aaron qualifies as handsome (just imagine that headband in a different colour).

  • thanks froyo. right back at ya. and the headband is whats drawing some serious interest on jdate. when im logged on. which happens to be right now..

  • Mariana, Mariana
    cadê tua saia branca
    teu vestido de ramagem
    cadê teu sorriso triste
    cadê tua meia bege
    teu sapato de verniz
    cadê teus olhos zangados
    censurando o que eu não fiz

    Mariana, Mariana
    Mariana me responda
    cadê teu corpo moreno
    desfazendo o meu sossêgo
    cadê tuas mãos, teu medo
    teu segredo e os meus espantos
    onde aquelas noites claras
    em que eu tanto me enredei

    Mariana, Mariana
    dá licença que eu desfaca
    tuar tranças, tua graça
    que eu guardei pra me enganar
    me despeço na viagem
    mas não vou sem te chamar
    Mariana, Mariana
    Mariana, Mariana

  • If only I could do this as well as Edu Lobo… One of my favorite songs.

  • I pretended to ck that I haven’t got any favourite songs, so I cannot really, hmmm, admit to anything here. 🙂

    Some good mood song:

  • Kansas is hot in the summertime, flat, and a red state, see, e.g.:

    RCP Average 06/02 – 09/22 — McCain 54.0, Obama 39.7; McCain +14.3

    SurveyUSA 09/21 – 09/22 (666 likely voters): McCain 53, Obama 41; McCain +12

    Rasmussen 09/18 – 09/18 (500 likely voters): McCain 58, Obama 38; McCain +20

    Research 2000 06/02 – 06/04 (600 likely voters): McCain 51, Obama 40; McCain +11

  • This is a good page to keep for just general shmoozing and whatnot. I love the video by Middle’s bio with the penguin!

    And nice touch on the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole video.



  • “FUCK KIKES” is right, the Jew is a cancer to our planet and must be eliminated at all costs. Jews are responsible for the nigger and spic infestation into the Jew-Knited $tate$ of Amerikwa, as well as the sand-nigger infestation into Europe.


  • Destroy Hal Turner as he’s not capable of speaking in complete sentences and does not know when to use a definite article.



    • Dear Froylein,

      You’re absolutely right, but you should have used “the definite article”.



      • Wouldn’t that have been too definite? 🙂

        (You’re right; I committed a Germanism, if you so wish, as there are several definite articles in German.)

  • I am muslim sunni i love islammore than life but i do not hate jew. i hate them who justify hitler . i can die to save jews children . allah may protect your children

  • please contact me if u want to know my thought i lov palestine too and i love war very much but war like brave not coward never kill any innocent including jews ius acceptable. i want to say again that i can die to protect your children and innocents

  • why is the black jew the last one on the team’s bios

    just kidding. Eretz Yisrael !!!

    you really rock. love this site.


  • JEWS = BAS NEWS says we will all die gassed again and again. Bad news for you Nazi, I guess that means we keep coming back again and again. I hope that you’re proud enough of your beliefs to have a swastika tattoo on your face.

  • Israel recoils as US backs nuclear move

    As a Jew and an American I am ashamed of this President and ashamed of the Jews that were stupid to support him…and even more ashamed of the Liberal Jewish imbeciles that still support this all-out assault on our closest ally in the Middle East by their ‘chosen and anointed one’. If Israel did not have their nuclear deterrent all of these years there would be no Israel. Obama knows this and continues to keep his promises to his Islamic brothers. He’s asked the Israelis to fly the UN flag over the West Wall, he’s thrown them under the bus time after time…Hussein is much more than just his middle name. Obama hates Israel, could it be more obvious? His determination to destroy Israel and weaken America to our enemies is more than obvious. History will show him as the “Sharia President”.

    If you’re too stupid to get this, Obama’s intention is to force Israel to disarm and become susceptible to destruction by organizations such as Hezbollah that are not subject to the UN because they are not countries. they will be armed by Syria and Iran. If Israel refuses to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty they will be hit with sanctions like those against Iran. The Obama doctrine will destroy Israel by forced disarming or by sanctions against food, fuel, trade, etc and forcing Israel into total isolation.

  • I just stumbled upon Jewlicious for the first time…

    Not bad! Not bad at all!

    Keep up the good work!

  • the day will come when we rape and murder jewish whores,enslave your filthy children and finally exterminate you cowards off the face of the earth.really you people are cowards, how does that feel kike cowards? i allways woundered if the nazis raped those jew cunts before they killed them.

  • wow, this site is like that goofy map that showed civilization on the coasts with with a dot for chicago in the middle of the desert. blah

  • Loooove your website! Just wanna know which year this blog got started and if David Abitbol, aka ck, is really the founder and why isn’t his profile the 1st one…no offense to aaron though. And oh did I already mention how much I love this website? I think i did!

  • Hey fonz. I’m not really big on hierarchy – names are listed in alphabetical order. Yes I started the blog and I am glad you enjoy it but this blog and everything Jewlicious does is the combined work of dozens of individuals from all over the place. What’s important is that you like it. And you made it clear that you do so goody!

  • Jews are the biggest liars and cry babies who predate on the woeful ignorance of the goy i.e. – lawyers, doctors etc.
    Jews still believe that “6 million were holocausted” ? Next to the federal reserve and 911, its the biggest con job going. Its fucking absurd. Most Jewish women I date and fuck with my 10″ uncut johnson (which they LOVE!), tell me how they HATE jewish men. they arent men they are whiney bitches who can barely wash a plate or lift a finger to help. Losers. Get a real fucking job.
    For the record, %90 of Bolshviks were jewish, murdering scum. No offense to scum. They are responsible for the murder of the Czar and his family. They are responsible for the death of 40 million Russians and Ukrainians. The predominately jewish medical extermination complex, is responsible for close to 2 million deaths of Americans PER YEAR. Through botched surgeries, pills, accidents, dirty hands alone cause 250 deaths A DAY. thats far more than all the death combined in the middle east doing israels dirty work. If I was a fucking Jew ? Id run as far and as fast as I could away from judaism.
    Shalom my ass.

    • Lucifer, do you happen to work with Gilad Atzmon or John Mearsheimer or are you just a Mondoweiss commenter who stumbled on to this site?

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