what the ...Long time reader js sent me a link to this odd photo. It’s of a Thai nurse identifying Tsunami victims. What’s with the Chanukah shirt?? Hmmm… and the usually uh… sober Allison from An Unsealed Room makes this interesting connection between Israeli luncheon spam and disaster relief. Oy. Now onto serious stuff. For those of you with any heart and a few extra shekels please visit Katie-Yael’s Aliyah blog for a list of places where you can help. Elohim yishmor.

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  • Do you need to be so literal all the time? it can mean G*d protect us from further tragedies too. Just a figure of speech! Now send me photo already!

  • I just sent them some cash too, but I hope they’re not using the donations to outfit Thai nurses with Chanukah shirts …. always a hidden agenda with these people 😉


  • The Chabad of Thailand is helping Israelis who survived the tsunami to get back home. But if you want to help getting food, clothing and medicine to the people whose homes and lives were destroyed, then it might be better to send money to the more well-known international relief organizations.

  • Apparently there are so many Israelis in parts of Thailand that the local storekeepers speak Ivrit fluently. Plus many Thais work for periods of time in Israel. I suspect that it is not uncommon for that kind of shirt to appear on the streets there. I don’t think we need invoke a Chabbad consipracy!