yom holedet sameach!
So I called my sister last week to wish her a happy birthday. I was like a few hours late and she kind of let me know that that she was less than impressed, implying that I had forgotten her birthday. So today is her Hebrew birthday and I called her again to wish her a happy Hebrew birthday. This time she was impressed – no one else had called to wish her a happy Hebrew birthday. Ever. So guys, if you ever forget a birthday or anniversary or whatever, go to hebcal and ditch that pesky Gregorian calendar! It also has handy sabbath candle lighting times for a zillion locations.

But seriously, Tiffany Yerushalmit kicks ass. She’s a Chemistry grad student, plays hockey and chased a robber 10 blocks last week. Don’t mess with her. Yom holedet sameach sweety! I loooove you!

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