Look at that guy's face

Protester’s scuffle briefly at showing of blown up bus

Holy cow. Will you look at that guy’s face there in the corner? He looks like he’d eat the Jewish dude if he could. This photo, taken by Liz Mangelsdorf of the San Francisco Chronicle, shows Daniel Neves, on the left and Shakir Wahhad, on the right, being seperated as they confront each other at at a rally in Berkeley last Sunday which featured the remnants of a bombed Israeli bus on Sunday, Jan. 16, 2005. Police eventually separated the two groups of supporters. Over 500 people attending the rally were heckled by 200 Palestinian supporters, and the groups had to be separated by baton wielding police. The bus in question was blown up by a suicide bomber last January in Jerusalem.

Coincidentally, on that bus was a former room mate who lived with me and Grandmuffti. He had been seriously injured in the bombing and it took him several months to recover. This dude was a total dick, and despite the fact that he was a victim of a suicide bomber, he’s still a dick. See, if I start being kind and solicitous to him now, well, the terrorists will have already won.

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