IckI know what you’re thinking. Don’t even go there …

McDonalds is considering switching the method it uses to slaughter its chickens from electrocution to gassing. Apparently, some European suppliers are already using this method and it is the one favored by PETA. In the electrocution method, the chickens are hung up by their feet then passed through a vat of electrified water. In the gassing method, the chickens will fall into a gentle sleep as their breath is extinguished by a gas such as nitrogen or argon.

Distasteful analogies aside (Don’t go there I said!), this is simply gross. Y’all should just eat kosher and avoid the awful drekk sold at fast food joints like McDonalds. PETA plans to recommend that other restaurant chains like Wendy’s and Applebees adopt the same method. But I say crap is crap.

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