Go Natalie!Jerusalem born actress Natalie Portman received a best supporting actress Oscar nomination for her role in the movie Closer. So what are Natalie’s chances?

Her heavy competition, at least according to oddsmakers, is Virginia Madsen in Sideways. Now I’m sure Virginia is a great actress and all, but Sideways totally sucked! What a crappy, vapid and totally vacuous piece of sh*t movie. If ever there was evidence of the existence of faustian bargains, Sideways is it. And if I overhear another pretentious shlubb wax poetic about the delicateness of the pinot noire grape whilst trying to get into some woman’s pants, I swear I’ll vomit. Besides, I bet grandmuffti’s parents loved Sideways. That alone should eliminate it from contention.

Anyhow, I’m rooting for Natalie, not because she’s Jewish, and not because as we speak she’s probably sleeping peacefully mere minutes away from me, but because Closer was an excellent, thought provoking film, and Portman’s character was great. Also, frankly I think we ought to all be a bit more supportive of Natalie. Apparently, she missed the Golden Globes and is not going to go to the Oscars because apparently she’s intimidated by the glitz and glamour. I personally don’t think that’s the case at all – Hebrew U.’s ulpan is friggin hard and very time consuming. Natalie can’t just run to the US every other day and keep up with all her assignments. Go Natalie, you rock!

In other great Oscar news, Mel Gibson’s snuff film, you know, that Passion thing, got totally shut out. All the boys at Stormfront are really sad about that. Oh well. That almost makes up for all the Sideways hype. Almost.

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