Go Natalie!Jerusalem born actress Natalie Portman received a best supporting actress Oscar nomination for her role in the movie Closer. So what are Natalie’s chances?

Her heavy competition, at least according to oddsmakers, is Virginia Madsen in Sideways. Now I’m sure Virginia is a great actress and all, but Sideways totally sucked! What a crappy, vapid and totally vacuous piece of sh*t movie. If ever there was evidence of the existence of faustian bargains, Sideways is it. And if I overhear another pretentious shlubb wax poetic about the delicateness of the pinot noire grape whilst trying to get into some woman’s pants, I swear I’ll vomit. Besides, I bet grandmuffti’s parents loved Sideways. That alone should eliminate it from contention.

Anyhow, I’m rooting for Natalie, not because she’s Jewish, and not because as we speak she’s probably sleeping peacefully mere minutes away from me, but because Closer was an excellent, thought provoking film, and Portman’s character was great. Also, frankly I think we ought to all be a bit more supportive of Natalie. Apparently, she missed the Golden Globes and is not going to go to the Oscars because apparently she’s intimidated by the glitz and glamour. I personally don’t think that’s the case at all – Hebrew U.’s ulpan is friggin hard and very time consuming. Natalie can’t just run to the US every other day and keep up with all her assignments. Go Natalie, you rock!

In other great Oscar news, Mel Gibson’s snuff film, you know, that Passion thing, got totally shut out. All the boys at Stormfront are really sad about that. Oh well. That almost makes up for all the Sideways hype. Almost.

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  • Okay dude, this is creepy. I was going to post something about that later.

    By the way, the director of the film, Mike Nichols, is Jewish, although I fear that in the marriage department he may be a bit of a disappointment to you and Anne.

  • Finally, someone who agrees with me that Sideways was awful! It wasn’t meant for us, and the only people who are heaping praise on it are the baby boomers.

    Oh, and congrats to Natalie. You rock, my Jewish sister! You go and get that Oscar!

  • Sideways was wonderful, I totally disagree. Closer was good as well, but Paul Giamati was amazing.
    As for Portman, here is a question for all you:
    We know she is every jewish boys wet dream, but who is 2nd after her in the “jewish male fantasy” contest?

  • Hey ck! Hope you’re having a great time in Israel. Oh, by the way, if you don’t get in touch real soon and tell me what to do with these damn clients of ours, I’m going to pawn all the office computers and run away to… Ahuntsic, or however far the $27 would get me. I’m just saying.

  • Uppity Shiksa, I think you should share the clients’ concerns with all of us. We’ll tell you what to do. Heh heh.

  • I got dragged to sideways kicking and screaming, because from what I’d read about it, it sounded like ck described in the post. However, I ended up really enjoying the movie. Were the characters pathetic? Yes, they were meant to be pathetic.

    What amazed me about sideways is how real all the interactions were. Really worth seeing in my opinion.

    However, given the polling I’ve seen so far, most people seem to agree with CK that it sucked. Those same people, however, are also giving “The Aviator” a large lead.

  • The Aviator was interesting, and well done, and was Leo’s best performance yet (although that’s not saying much) but in my opinion isn’t oscar material.

  • Couldn’t wait to see Sideways. And I went with a few male friends, brought some kleenex…hell I own my sensitivity. Never used the kleenex, the movie was crap. Worse….I don’t even like wine. And now I really don’t like it.

  • Next time, Shtreimel, go to see it with…a woman…

    Asparagirl, we need more information. 😉

  • Yikes! Don’t let her leave our gene pool! Where is ck, and how can we get her to meet him?

  • Ah Natalie Portman
    When I was leading my Israel Experts Birthright Trip this past January, a conversation with a particpant went something like this
    Participant: Can I like not go to the club thing tonight, see I am meeting my friend for dinner and she can’t go with us. She is in school here.
    Me: well, no you have to go to the event, but bring your friend, she can get in and get a ride on the bus with us from Ben Yehuda
    P: She like doesn’t want to go though
    M: Well, why not, it wil be a fun night!
    P: Well, she is like…Natalie Portman and she doesn’t think its a great idea to get on a bus with 40 Americans…
    M: oh, well ok…but you have to go to the club anyway.

  • Those look like entirely different women, Skylar. Check out the earlobes — the “after” one doesn’t have pierced ears! How does someone unpierce her ears? The sweep of the eyebrows are different, which can’t be accounted for by simple tweezing, and the lips are totally different.

    Plus, “after” is missing the mole on her right cheek.

    Looks like a hoax to me.

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