The Muffti owes a heads-up to Kenny, who tips his hat to backspin. Go to Verizon’s Online Text Messaging Page and look under ‘Countries’. In particular, notice a a presence under the letter ‘P’ and a conspicuous absence under the letter ‘I’. Apparently Verizon has an arrangement with Palcell, a Palestinean cell carrier.

Muffti was trying to decide if this was a big deal, but figured he’d let the scores of Jewlicious posters tell him what to think. Muffti is lazy. Hop to it, boys and girls.

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  • Why not send a couple of POLITE emails pointing out the error?

    President of Verizon Wireless is Dennis Strigl: [email protected]

    CEO of Verizon Communications (mother company) is Ivan Seidenberg:
    [email protected]

    Executive VP Public Affairs (PR) is Tom Tauke: [email protected]

    Corporate phone number: 212-395-2121

    If you do write, please be polite so that we don’t get newspaper editors writing articles about playing the Holocaust card.

  • I think that’s a political statement if ever I saw one, and it’s not fair at all.

  • This is silly

    Palestine was given a country code by the ISO (International Standards Organization) PA, and their own top-level Internet domain – .PS Palestine also has its own ISO-assigned telephone country code +970, so what’s the problem with listing it?

    Perhaps Palcell doesn’t offer service in Israeli areas (+972) ?

  • Muffti thanks the scores but is still not sure what to think. Keep it up!

  • There are only about 70 countries included on that list, so clearly a lot of countries are missing (I believe the current number of countries is at least 170).

    For example, Togo, Kenya and Zimbabwe are also missing (among others).

    I think it is just a matter of business deals and not a political statement.

  • Oh common now, let it go already. I can’t blame Verizon Wireless for wanting to business with the Palestinians if all the elements were in place. Apparently you think the Israeli cellular providers should too, so what’s the problem?

    It’s a good thing for everyone, GET OVER IT!!! You should be directing your question to the Israeli cellular providers and find out why they are not offering this service instead of producing more hatred in the world…