Solomon MorelYes. Right away. Just as soon as we give him like a million medals.

Poland is demanding the extradition from Israel of an elderly Jewish survivor of Auschwitz accused of crimes against humanity for his role in retaliatory acts against German POWs after WWII. Solomon Morel, 86, who fled to Israel from Poland in 1994 and is now hiding out in Tel Aviv, lost over 30 of his family members in the holocaust. Morel was appointed by Stalin to supervise a denazification camp at Swietochlowice.

On the first night at Swietochlowice, when the first contingent of Germans arrived, at about 10 o’clock at night he walked into one of the barracks and he said to the Germans, ‘My name is Morel. I am a Jew. My mother and father, my family, I think they’re all dead, and I swore that if I got out alive, I was going to get back at you Nazis. And now you’re going to pay for what you did.’

80,000 ethnic Germans are believed to have perished in such camps as a result of alleged torture, starvation and typhus. None however died from gassings, none died from medical experiments, none were tattooed and none were subsequently burnt in crematoria with their ashes unceremoniously and anonymously dumped like so much trash.

The Israeli Justice Ministry said that it was in the process of examining the extradition request. If I were Poland, I wouldn’t hold my breath. You can find out more about the Morel case from such awesome, unbiased and righteously indignant Web sites like National Vanguard and Stormfront if you Google “Solomon Morel.” And no. This is not some politically incorrect ethnic joke.

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