Quebec FlagQuebec, or as Laya likes to call it, the coldest friggin place on earth, why do people live here? (she’s a little sensitive), has decided to fully subsidize all private Jewish day schools in the Province. Jewish day schools will now receive $5,200 CDN per student, on par with what public schools receive. The decision was met with a bit of criticism by those in the public school sector who believe this development will weaken it. However, what I think is controversial is the fact that for years my family had to pay local school taxes for public schools that we could not go to. Yay Quebec and yay Education Minister Pierre “Steinhardt” Reid.

UPDATE: Ooh! Looks like Jews in Ontario want the same deal from their provincial government too! Those Toronto guys copy everything we do!

UPDATE II: Uh oh. Quebec Premiere Charest is catching flak for the decision to increase funding to Jewish schools …

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