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Man do I feel stupid. After making a gutsy but surprising decision to subsidize private Jewish day schools at the same levels that public schools are funded, Premiere Jean Charest and his Liberal government pulled a flip-flop. They surrendered to fiercely secular Quebec teachers Unions (who just happen to always be very well represented at all anti-Israel rallies in the province … just sayin’). They abdicated in the face of an ill informed an highly partisan “outcry” represented by the xenophobic sounding sentiments of the opposition Parti Quebecois education critic Pauline Marois. So unimpressive. And the PQ wonders why their support in the Jewish community is always restricted to a handful of marginal individuals. And Charest wonders why his leadership of the Quebec Liberal party has been considered weak.

And what of our organized Jewish community leaders?

Charles Levy of Federation CJA said: “… I think that it is wonderful that the debate has not turned into anti-Semitism.”

So now we’re handing out brownie points for being normal? The Jewish community is saying “Oh wow! You may harbor anti-semitic sentiments, but thanks so much for not expressing them publicly!” Is it any wonder some Zionists expressed disdain for weak-ass, shtetl-based, diaspora Jews?

So much for ahavat chinam. If the mashiach comes today, it sure won’t be because of me.

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