Only white guy in the Wu Tang Clan

Hillel Montreal does some pretty cool things. One of them is throwing an awesome party. If you’re anywhere near Montreal this weekend, or contemplating a quick getaway, make sure to go to Muse, at the Just For Laughs Museum, 2111 St. Laurent below Sherbrooke. On top of the excellent party action, there will be a performance by Remedy Ross, formerly of the Wu Tang Clan. You might recall him as the only white, Jewish member of the Wu Tang, a stridently aggressive rap collective. Opening for Ross will be Josh Dolgin aka So Called, a legitimately cool guy in his own right (who owes me a CD). For more info call Yossi at (514) 845-9171. Party’s this Saturday night … Go.

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  • Ah, my good buddy and colleague Simon Bensimon runs the place. If you’re at Hillel, get to know the guy, you’re life will be richer for it.

  • Well no, you’re right. Remedy Ross is a bit passe. But Josh Dolgin is an awesome DJ and the McGill Hillel peeps throw an awesome party. It’s not the Jerusalem Ball mind you, but they try Moby.

  • no for certain, so called is the frickin’ jernt. what the hell is he doing with remedy tho? that’s like a fall from grace after playing krakow with krakauer. btw–call me. i’m out of cell minutes atm.

  • Duuude. I’m soaked and in that Internet cafe on Jaffa. Tomorrow I head to Tsfat for business (who the heck ever has business in Tsfat? ck do!) and i’ll be away for at least a couple of days. Maybe I’ll call ya now? As for Dolgin, well, its a gig, what can I say?

  • i’ll take that maybe as a maybe i won’t… heh. aight well, i’m in the negev til friday and then i’m away for shabbat. holla sunday. harry wants to join us for coffee. and it’s boys’ night out.