The Muffti is pleased to have the opportunity to teach stubborn know-it-all CK something. After confessing to not knowing what ‘sheygetz’ [sic] means, I thought maybe he could use some ashkenazic learnin’. Anyhow, I present for your perusal some facts about the term ‘shaygetz’, courtesy of a jewish FAQ.

Shiksa and Shaygetz are the Yiddish derivative of the respective feminine and masculine Hebrew words for something unclean, dirty. The appellations are customarily applied to gentiles who do things inimical to Jewish interests, such as vandalizing Jewish buildings, robbing Jewish kids of their lunch money, or becoming romantically involved with Jews. The root is “sheketz”, which refers to house rodents and lizards. They impart ritual impurity, and therefore the term lends itself to the same kind of idea. Some have taken to using the term to refer to Christian women in general. If Christians were using the term against Jews in English, they would be saying “Filthy Jews” or “Dirty Jews”, and we Jews would rightly be offended.

Apparently in Israel, misbehaving children sometimes get called ‘shaygetz’ as well. Can the parties who would know confirm?

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