2 jews 3 synagoguesTwo Jews left in Afghanistan. One dies. The other must be heartbroken, right?

“He was a very bad man who tried to get me killed,” Mr Simentov, 45, said with a grin as he warmed his toes against the Kabul winter on a gas-burning stove. “Now I am the Jew here, I am the boss.

For seven years they lived and worshipped at opposite ends of the same tiny synagogue, a curtain in the middle so that they would not glimpse each other, muttering insults as they came and went.

Full story here. It’s terribly comical.

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  • I am writing a play about these two. Can I ask: where is that image from and is it copyright protected? I would love to use it in an application as part of my supporting material. This would only be a private document and it would not appear on publicity or marketing material. It is just such a great image.