Found this rather disturbing image at IsThatLegal? (via Toner Mishap). Professor Muller describes its provenance as follows:

Over the break, while in the liquor section of a supermarket in the Dominican Republic, I saw this ad.

Either you will find this funny without my explaining it to you, or no amount of explaining will do the trick.

The first time I ever got drunk was at Rabbi Merkin’s house where he invited our entire grade 7 class for a Purim party. I drank most of a bottle of this blackberry Manischewitz wine and got severely ill as a result. My Mom Brakha was less than impressed with the site of a drunken 12 year old ck stumbling home reeking of bad, bad wine. Since then I classify wine under one of two categories: wine that hurts and wine that hurts less. The notion that somebody, anybody, would find Manischewitz appealing, boggles my mind. No, the people depicted in the ad are not Falashas. Apparently Manischewitz is very popular in the Caribbean. Go figure.

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