GayBlondeMales.comKenny, who has a low opinion of Muffti’s plagiarism reporting, sent him a story saying:

This is the kind of story you would rewrite in your own words and post on jewlicious with a different pic

He’s right. Anyhow, a 10 day gay pride parade, called “Jerusalem World Pride 2005,” is scheduled for mid-August, which is uncomfortably close to the Israeli pull out from the territories. City officials, however, are considering cancelling the parade due to potential lack of security. In part, officials can’t promise in advance just how long the disengagement will take. Thus, there may be a shortage of security.

I aint got no time to be coverin' you foolsOn account of all the encouragement to civil disobedience and tough words by settlers, the disengagement might require, well, a show of force. As such, nearly the entire 24,000 strong police field force will be assigned to the pullout. The rest will have the equally unenviable task of quelling protest elsewhere in the country. They certainly won’t have protecting the gay pride parade as a first priority.

Organizers expressed their faith that the parade would go off as scheduled. Hagai El-Ad (executive director of Jerusalem’s Gay and Lesbian Center) had the following bland message of hope:

Israelis and Palestinians are moving towards more peaceful times, we are confident that the world pride events will take place as planned this August in Jerusalem, and are working closely with the police towards this goal.

The first Jerusalem Pride Parade was held in 2002 and was the source of controversy. Ex-Mayor Ehud Olmert withheld funding for the event, and tried to convince organizers to join the Tel-Aviv pride parade. The supreme court later ordered the city to provide the 40,000$ NIS that they city gives to other such events. Not everyone was happy about this; Jerusalem being a rather conservative city. As we well know from former posts, spitting is a constant problem. Muffti hates to think of the flood of phlegm that may result from the parade actually occurring.

Hopefully the parade will go off with out a hitch. Tens of thousands are expected to attend the extravaganza. Otherwise, organizers may have to (ahem) swallow their pride and postpone the parade ’til adequate police presence can be provided.

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  • That guy looks a lot like Jimi Hendrix! Has he been reincarnated as a gay fencer?

  • Just thinking…

    If the Israeli police can’t guarantee the parade in Jerusalem, maybe the organizers can move it to Rammallah and have it there?

  • Muffti thinks that Josh might be betraying a bit of hostility towards the rainbow community. S’up with that?

  • Gary H: Story about Gay Pride Parade and cops. I added that pic to the story cuz it seemed obvious. Didn’t know his name till I found the pic. That’s why I know his name.

  • Hostility?
    I didn’t say ban the parade.

    If it was so important to have this parade, in Israel, and Jerusalem can’t be guaranteed, then why can’t it be relocated somewhere else where there won’t be problems and the need for hundreds of police-persons; the Galil, Golan, Ramallah, and Shechem are just some ideas?

  • I know ck.. that’s what they all say..:-P

    just kidding around you know. Couldn’t we have had an image of Harvey Fierstein along with that story? Do you consider him Jewlicious enough?

  • Is there no more over-represented ethnicity among the the homo’s than the Jews?

  • I for one can’t wait for the most Jewlicious of gay pride events in recorded queer history, this summer in Jerusalem.