The Muffti may have found a reason not to make aliyah: lack of decent blow. The ITA (Israeli Tax Authority), in concert with the cops, siezed 137 kilograms (4,818 ounces) of pure cocaine worth an estimated NIS 500 million on the streets. Apparently the last big bust was a mere 40 kilos. The bust happened in Haifa, and the initial coke was found in a box marked for raw materials to be used in construction trade. Get ready for high prices, sniffers! See the Jerusalem Post for the full story.

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  • No offense to the tax authority and their fine, fine canine unit, all indications are that it’s still business as usual on the streets. While the loss of 137 kilos of coke certainly sucks for those who brought it over, it still represents a mere drop in the bucket vis-a-vis the overall Israeli supply. A kilo of coke is still pretty cheap in South America, and the loss to the dealers is less than half a mil out of pocket. Also, the police’s estimated street price is way off mark, implying the sale of 25% pure cocaine for like $200 a gram. I love drug stories though – the press gets fed such a load ….

  • Muffti is a little suspicious of how much ck pretends to knows about the drug trade. Did that Harry guy tell you this? He knows stuff…

  • You have no idea Muffti. None. Seriously, Jerusalem can sometimes make a road trip to Mardi Gras look like a Kindergarten outing. BTW, give Michael your Christ Killer T-Shirt. I’ll get you another one.

  • I will not comment on my knowledge of streets prices of cocaine, heroin, marijiana, LSD, mescaline, ecstacy, etc. Email inqueries only please.

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