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  • I hope Jewschool wins, actually. That would show just how little winning an award like this actually means. Then we could stop having these competitions.

  • TM, it looks like you are the deluded puppy if you are getting all upset.

  • The Dude, I will admit to being a deluded puppy. However, I am really not upset. Fortunately, I have plenty of things in my life to keep me plenty happy and well-balanced. Here, watch this:


  • Wait a minute Eli, I am an opinionatedprick too! Give us a break, it’s our make-up.

  • Oh good grief. Now I am embarassed. Seriously. I mean I played nice, I displayed the JIB logo, and I appreciate Israellycool Dave’s efforts and everything but…

    who really gives a rat’s ass?

  • It looks like you are going to win “Best New Blog”(deservedly so).

    However, it looks like this contest has got out of hand.

    One big name blogger practically threatened to stop blogging if they didn’t win. (no names!)

    Another blogger threatened to quit because a competitor “cast aspersions on his being Jewish.” (here)

  • [Jewlicious wouldn’t let me post this as one comment]

    Another one complained that Powerline only has 1 Jewish author out of 3. The organizer replied that it actually has 2 out of 3. (here)

    It seems that people are taking this way too seriously.

    There will be some questions as to whether some of the winners won because of their quality or because they seemed to want it so desparately.

  • Misery loves company, so I’m happy to welcome you to the bottom of the blogging pile. I came in eighth out of eight in my category in the Best of Blogs award.

    Chin up. Losers or not, TM and ck are still the cutest couple in the Jewish blogosphere.

  • Sorry you had to post so many times, Steve. Your posts got caught in the moderation cue. Usually, if you post and the post doesn’t immediately appear, there’s a good chance it simply needs to wait until we can review it – we’re being spammed incessantly.

  • Ck, I think it’s time for you to tour all the other Jewish blogs and encourage them to vote for the feline. 🙄

  • Uh… T_M? You DO recognize the uh… tongue in cheek quality of my feline related posts and comments, right? There’s an underlying message there – one that speaks volumes actually. You get that, right?

  • Yes, ck, I got it. What does that have to do with digs and barbs directed at you? I mean, how else am I going to have fun?

  • You–you mean you weren’t serious?

    AUUUUGGGHHH!!!! I wasted a picture of Tig?!

    Actually, Steve, if you were a regular reader of my blog, you wouldn’t have taken seriously my threat to quit posting, either.

    The only truthful part of that post is that I have a huge writer’s ego. Oh, the writer’s high thing is true, too.

    As for Jewish blogging, gee, is that what these awards are about, ck? I forgot.

  • Hey Meryl!
    They are actually very cute cats, especially compared to Jerusalem’s Army of Rat Cats here. As for the JIB thing, best thing about it is that I got to check out a whole mess of really well written Jew blogs that I otherwise may not have come across. Given TM and GrandMuffti’s turgid prose, I need a break every once in a while!

  • T_M: Oh I didn’t realize that was the issue. I thought there was a length limit. Will keep in mind.

    Meryl: I was just kidding. I know you wouldn’t leave your readers hanging.

  • You forgot Alli. I voted for you guys just because of that post with Alli holding a Maccabee.

    No, really. This blog is really cool.

  • Yup, as of 10:00 a.m EST Jewlicious is leading in all 6 categories it is in.

  • I see, so that is Portugese on your site? May I ask how a Brazilian ends up in Japan?

  • i think the exclaimation mark next to the best israel adovcacy blog nomination in our sidebar serves to express my own surprise at the nomination, let alone success in that category. i don’t regard jewschool as being anti-israel, but i do certainly see it as being critical of israel, and for that i can understand why people wouldn’t regard it as a website which advocates on israel’s behalf. and that’s ok. i think that there’s a place for that. there are plenty of websites that give unyielding support for israel from a jewish perspective. there’s a place for one that gives vocal critique from a jewish perpsective as well. that’s why we linked up wih jewlicious — because there’s a big pool of opinion and in that, there’s room for everyone.

    on the other hand, if i lose to jewlicious for best designed blog, i’m going to cry. anyone can modify a wordpress template. but few people can successfully pull off a noam chomsky vs. rav kook deathmatch!

  • moby! are we still talking about all that? How was shabat? Did y’all… you know, imbibe?

  • Mobius, I hear you on the design issue. I should point out, however, that I might be technologically retarded enough that I’d have difficulty with a WordPress Template.

  • Muffti just noticed that ck called his and TM’s prose turgid a while back. Whatever, run on sentence man…

  • Muffti remembers a poster a while back saying that ck ran a nice site despite his ‘run on sentences’. Muffti thinks her name was Eevee. Obviously she knew what she was talking about.